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wetting in day

(5 Posts)
krist Tue 31-May-05 23:49:04

Just wanted to know if anyone got yhe same problem. My five year old keeps on wetting himself in the day, at school aswell. He seems to be getting embarassed by it I dont make a big deal of it just get him changed and give him a kiss. He seem upset enough without me adding to it. He just really doesnt seem to realise he's doing it till it is too late. I think he's also feeling it more because his brother who is 2 and 4 months is dry day and night by his choice not forced , I feel i need to praise him for being dry but dont want to knock his brothers confidece anymore than it already is help please

strugstu Wed 01-Jun-05 00:16:21

bless him- does he need prompting to go to the loo, boys seem to get so absorbed in what there doing - sometimes by the time they realise its too late.

krist Wed 01-Jun-05 00:19:52

I ask him he says no 10 mins later too late and even if i ask him just to try he gets upset. went out for the day mon stoped at toilets asked him he said he didnt want to go wet himself in the car. its frustrating when that happens

strugstu Wed 01-Jun-05 00:42:47

it may be worth taking a sample of his urine to gp to be tested to exclude infection- is he drinking plenty? u really need to encourage fluid intake sounds strange but if they arnt drinking enough they can get an irritable bladder which makes them wee more often- so i would try pushing fluids as much as poss too.

PrincessPeaHead Wed 01-Jun-05 08:50:08

I agree with strugstu - he mayhave a bladder infection. Which may also explain why he doesn't really want to go as well - it may hurt him a bit. COllect some wee and take it to your gp - he/she or the nurse can just dip it to see if there is anything there. THis happened to my 4.5 yr old ds last week and he has been on antibiotics for a week and has now been completely dry again for the last 3 days.

Also if you retract his foreskin a bit (assuming he has one) - if the tip of his penis looks very red then he has an infection.

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