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Having another baby???

(3 Posts)
heavenlybaby Sun 30-Aug-09 21:33:13

Hi Everyone, I have a beautiful 20 month old and would love to have another baby but a few things are putting me off. One major thing is going through the toddler years with my ds will I be able to cope with a baby at the same time? Also my ds is very clingy and follows me everywhere I go and I think having another child will make him possibly feel insecure. Has anyone else gone through this sort of experience? Any feedback would be gladly appreciated.


Meglet Sun 30-Aug-09 21:58:28

I had a second child when my ds was 22mo. It has been bloody hard work but DS hasn't been unsettled in any way. I kept baby dd in the playpen (so she wasn't accidentally bumped by her big brother) for the first few weeks so he was never told off for going too close to her and as a result she slotted in quite nicely. DD is almost 1 now and they ar starting to play together. This afternoon DS was happily sharing a blueberry muffin with her in the pushchair smile. Don't panic about having a second child and don't 'over think' it.

heavenlybaby Sun 30-Aug-09 22:05:54

Thanks for that. I think your completely right about the 'over thinking' it bit. I think if we did that the first time around we would never have children!

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