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Vile 12 year old

(18 Posts)
deaddei Fri 28-Aug-09 10:51:02

Had planned a nice morning in local town shopping with dd (nearly 13) -it's her birthday in a week so thought it would be nice to get some new clothes, coffee and a nice lunch. She didn't speak on the jouney there, refused to walk with me, responded in monosyllabic grunts- so we have come home.
She is in her bedroom, I am on mn.
So I think I'm going to take myself out for nice latte, read the paper and calm down.
Is this what it's going to be like for the next 8 years?

LilRedWG Fri 28-Aug-09 10:52:55

My beautiful niece has just been through this - lasted about six months. She's back to her sweet self now.

I however, managed to be a horrible teenager for about four years - according to my sister that is. hmm

AnybodyHomeMcFly Fri 28-Aug-09 10:54:59

Only lasted a few months with my youngest sister too (few years with me tho irrc!) Good luck!

colditz Fri 28-Aug-09 10:58:07

Awwwww it's like having pmt - all the time!

BonsoirAnna Fri 28-Aug-09 10:58:50

What stage of puberty is she at?

deaddei Fri 28-Aug-09 11:03:18

Just got first bra (32a), no periods yet, a few spots.....
She has ocd, which has affected her badly for the last 2 weeks, but she was really looking forward to going today. (well last night she was).

BonsoirAnna Fri 28-Aug-09 11:04:58

She may well be suffering from pre-menarche PMT, which is really horrible, completely impossible for her to self-diagnose and can go on for months.

I had amenorrhoea in my 30s and had endless awful PMT with it - my body was desperately trying for me to have a period.

deaddei Fri 28-Aug-09 11:07:23

I think she's just being a bolshy little madam. Bet she wouldn't be like this with her teachers.

BonsoirAnna Fri 28-Aug-09 11:08:53


No, she probably holds it all in at school and then has both hormones and the stress of controlling herself at school to deal with outside school.

Please try to be a bit more sympathetic smile. Maybe talk to your GP about it.

janeite Fri 28-Aug-09 11:10:20

Dd1 had about 6 months of this when she was 11. DD2 is now doing it at 12 and driving me mad.

I think going out for a coffee is a brilliant idea.

unluckyfriedkitten Fri 28-Aug-09 11:10:51

Sounds like me on a bad pms week...go easy on's not nice feeling like that sad

deaddei Fri 28-Aug-09 11:13:37

Well we're off to the drs tomorrow because of her blinking, so I'll have a word.
Yes I know I'm being a bit unreasonable, just mad that a nice morning was ruined!
I'll pop out for a coffee and bring something nice back for lunch.

unluckyfriedkitten Fri 28-Aug-09 11:15:17

...and no she's not being bolshy...home is a safe place where she can act how she feels.

I have her identical twin.
Grunts, won't walk with me, refuses to look at anything I pick up and (worst of all) said I read her diary.
I didn't touch her diary and I didn't know where it was until it appeared soaked and shredded in the bin.
Is there really such a thing as pre-first period PMT? I should love to know this was not for life.

deaddei Fri 28-Aug-09 12:20:48

Back from latte, nice and chilled now, dd apologised and said she didn't know why she did it.
So all friends, and we are going to go out for lunch locally.
Thank you for all your comments ladies. Much appreciated when all you can see is the red mist descending.

BonsoirAnna Fri 28-Aug-09 14:06:45

"Is there really such a thing as pre-first period PMT?"

Yes, there really is and if you don't believe me, ask your GP! Please be sympathetic.

deaddei Fri 28-Aug-09 18:12:44

just to say we have had a very nice afternoon and everything is rosy in the deaddei household!

desertgirl Fri 28-Aug-09 19:18:11

there is also pre-first period period pain - I had my appendix out at 12, having absolutely crippling pain with no apparent cause - then had basically the same thing every month for the next year (remember fainting with it, which I never do) - it was so, so much better once things actually started. So the hormones definitely do cyclical things before the periods come

so glad things are going better now though deaddei

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