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IUD (coil) insertion - very scared

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heron22 Thu 27-Aug-09 14:47:32

I have 2 children - both were born by c section, so my cervix has never dilated.

I am thinking of having a coil fitted. When i have my pap smear, it is always very painful and my cervix bleeds a lot.

What is it like to have a coil fitted? is it done at gp surgery? is it painful? does the gp put some local anaesthetic on the cervix?


bunnybunyip Thu 27-Aug-09 14:55:53

I haven't had one fitted, but I do fit them. Yes, most GPs surgeries can fit them, most now use some local anaesthetic gel on the cervix ( no needles), and most women are fine with it. Some find it a bit uncomfortable but nobody has ever stopped me because of pain (and I tell them to let me know if any problems). Even pregnancy with no vaginal birth seems to loosen the cervix a bit and I have fitted coils in women with no children without problems.
You will be fine, the worst thing is definitely the anticipation (I did have a similar gynae thing done once and it was fine but I worried about it for months beforehand; I fely really silly when it was all over).

bunnybunyip Thu 27-Aug-09 14:57:06

PS. are you having mirena? If it suits, as it does most people, look forward to all that trouble free, period free contraception!

MissisBoot Thu 27-Aug-09 15:00:54

I had a coil fitted prior to having children and found it not to be a problem - infact the most uncomfortable bit was the speculum thing they used but now they're plastic so a bit more comfortable.

The GP who did mine put me at ease and was very quick at doing it. Just felt like a slight tugging sensation. I did have some bleeding afterwards too and felt a bit tender for teh rest of teh day.

I took some nurofen beforehand as well.

heron22 Thu 27-Aug-09 15:02:13

hi bunny, thank you so much for your reply!
i am thinking of having the hormone free one put in cos i think i dont need any more hormones floating around me! i can be moody - am on antidepressants still. is there a correlation?

anyhow i am worried the hormone will cause me to eat too much and end up putting on weight. again, is this true?

i am relieved to read that i will prob be ok!

after the insertion, will i need a scan to make sure it is all in place?

heron22 Thu 27-Aug-09 15:03:00

missisboot thanks for your reply. good idea, will take nurofen beforehand!

notyummy Thu 27-Aug-09 15:06:15

I have had an IUD (copper coil - non-hormonal) fitted twice.

Have it done at a family planning clinic where they loads of experience doing it, as some of the nurses/docs at the GPs surgery don't.

Take nurofen and paracetomal.

I didn't find it hurt much at all tbh - but you must relax. No anaesthetic used.

It may be worth MUST check it is position regularly. I didn't first time round - and ended up pregnant after it had been in place for 3 years. It was still there but got dislodged. DD was the result! I believe statistically it is still one of the most fool proof methods of contraception though, so my experience is fairly rare!

notyummy Thu 27-Aug-09 15:06:40

You wont need a scan.

mosschops30 Thu 27-Aug-09 15:07:48

heron I had a coil fitted after ds was born, then had it removed to concieve no.3.

The mirena was the best thing Ive ever done. It was so easy, no responsibility for either me or dh, my periods stopped completely grin which was great, no weight gain (weight loss in fact) and after this little one is born I shall deffo have another one put in.

However I did find the insertion very painful, and when I have another one I will make sure I take more painkillers beforehand. It was done at my local surgery by my fave GP and the practice nurse. I trust this gp a lot so it made it easier and she told me exactly what she was doing and when I would feel pain etc.

Good luck, I hope it works for you, but like lots of things its trial and error

bunnybunyip Thu 27-Aug-09 21:05:00

You don't need a scan but it is good to check position once a month or so by feeling inside for the threads (your GP should explain how).
There is no evidence mirena causes weight gain; it is the lowest dose of hormone effective for contraception, less than the minipill. Some people feel a bit bloated or have tender breasts for a few weeks. commonest problem is light irregular bleeding for the first few weeks. Shouldn't cause depression but some people do notice mood changes with even the tiniest dose of hormone.
I have had to remove a few copper coils because of heavy painful periods but rarely have requests to remove mirenas.

heron22 Thu 27-Aug-09 21:29:04

bunny thanks so much for your advice.

WelliesAndPyjamas Thu 27-Aug-09 21:41:01

Like you, OP, I've had 2 c-sections. I'm now on my second non-hormonal IUD, the first one I had put in when DS1 was 6 months old and removed to conceive DS2. The current one I had put in when ds2 was 3 months old. Insertion is a bit uncomfortable (sort of like a smear test in discomfort) and I would go as far as to say that it was painful the second time, possibly because it was sooner after having a baby that time. The first one was a dream - no problems at all. This time I have had constant heavy discharge ever since and am planning to get back to the clinic to check it out soon.

As a contraceptive method it is ideal - nothing to think about apart from checking it is still there - but you just have to be brave enough to get it done (like with going for a smear test grin).

becktay Thu 27-Aug-09 22:51:28

i've had non hormone coil twice, once after c section DS1 and just now after DS2 vaginal birth. it hurt a lot more after vaginal birth actually. just breathe out long and slowly whilst it's being put in. love the coil, works a treat for me as i rarely think about it.

heron22 Fri 28-Aug-09 10:29:05

thanks for all your posts.
sounds like for some of you it hurts, while not for others.

i will go with the assumption that it will hurt so will ask for local anaesthetic. i read that there is a gel the doc can apply on the cervix.

i hope it is not as painful as vaginal birth!!! not that i know what it feels like, but i have seen enough of those birthing shows on tv!

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