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hyperactive 6 year old boy

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angelfire Mon 24-Aug-09 20:30:06

I am coming to realise that my lovely DS is probably hyperactive. He is unable to stop talking/moving - when he is awake he is either on the move, talking, singing etc. He finds it very hard to calm down and gets hugely over excited when with friends, at parties, with family. When challenged he becomes rude and aggressive. He is very physical with other children and whilst you can put some down to typical boyish behaviour he ALWAYS takes things too far so that he ends up causing other children to cry. Although he is very engaging with me I know he struggles to keep friends as he is so out there. Its getting to the point where DH and me avoid social gatherings because we cannot relax; one of us has to keep an eye on him and take avoinding action. Can someone please point me in the direction of books/diet advice etc. I did see a Health Visitor about 3 years ago and she confirmed the hyperactivity but then suggested a referral to the Mental Health Team and I was worried about such a label etc etc etc. Please help - I am finding things tough

shinysea Mon 24-Aug-09 21:12:16

bumping for you

prettyfly1 Mon 24-Aug-09 23:34:09

Hi Angel. I have a child with adhd - it is tough and you have my sympathy. Trust me though the adhd label is better then naughty child. First step:

Try to offer very short terms rewards for good or controlled behaviour - so a sticker for every half an hour he manages not to break something or hit someone.

Take a look at everything he eats and take him off EVERY artificial colour, sweetener or preservative. NO e numbers of any kind, with meals at a set time.

Visit your doctor again and talk to the school. A eferral doesnt have to mean drugs or interference - but it will mean more support and better education for you and your partner on how to deal with your son.

Hope this helps xx

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