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New half sister advice please

(2 Posts)
Starryargenta Mon 24-Aug-09 11:04:51

I've just discovered that my 5 yr old son has an 8 month old half sister. I am divorced from the father but have regular contact with him.
The half-sister was the result of a brief affair and he says he has only just told me as he was waiting for the results of a paternity test.
I am confused as to what sort of relationship my son should have with her. Has anyone had a similar experience?

uniqueatlast Mon 24-Aug-09 22:12:06

That is a bit of a shock for you. I guess it really depends on the kind of relationship your ex is going to have with her. If he is going to have regular contact then I think it'd be good for them to have as normal a sibiling relationship as possible (when no shared residency is in place).

Perhaps you could suggest to your ex that he has both children together on the same weekends?

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