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Putting the car seat in the ^middle^ of the back seat??

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monkeytrousers Sun 23-Aug-09 10:47:53

DS (nearly 5) wants to do this. Is it just as safe or not?

lollyheart Sun 23-Aug-09 10:50:14

If its just a lap belt i would say no.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Sun 23-Aug-09 10:50:39

Of course. Why wouldn't it be?

I have 3 seats along the back of my car and I actually think the middle seat is the safest.

Seona1973 Sun 23-Aug-09 10:51:06

I think the middle of the rear seats is the safest place for a seat as long as it is used with a proper 3 point seat belt (i.e. not a lap belt)

SoupDragon Sun 23-Aug-09 10:53:25

As others have said, it's not safe if it's just a lap belt.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Sun 23-Aug-09 10:55:20

I assumed you meant a proper seat belt.

What car have you got?

GoldenSnitch Sun 23-Aug-09 10:56:57

It's the safest place as long as there are ISOFix points or a 3 point belt.

2nd safest is rear passenger side.

If you can belt it in safely, I'd say go for it

monkeytrousers Sun 23-Aug-09 13:09:29

Its a ford focus. Yes it has a 3 point seat belt. Just dosn't seem to fit quite as snug as the cushion is slightly raised, but it also makes me worry slightly less if something were to hit either side. Thanks.

moondog Sun 23-Aug-09 13:13:11

I was told by an MW (leaving hospital with new baby) that the safest place was the rear seat on the passenger side. Her dh was a firefighter regularly called to crashes.

mathanxiety Sun 23-Aug-09 20:23:07

I tried the sides for the carseat but found DC's liked to fiddle with the buttons (locks and window controls), plus they often got too much sun in their eyes at the sides. The middle worked out best -- it had a three point strap so it was safe. Plus, picking up other passengers was easy when they didn't have to climb over baby.

peanutbutterkid Sun 23-Aug-09 20:24:27

We do it. 4 DC, one 5-seater car.
Not ideal, but I don't sweat it.
We use the car as little as possible.

CarGirl Sun 23-Aug-09 20:26:03

middle is safest if the car rolls or hit from the side provided the car seat fits properly IYSWIM

BertieBotts Sun 23-Aug-09 20:30:47

Yes, the middle is the safest as it is furthest away from the sides. But only if the seat fits correctly - they often don't in older cars which is why it isn't generally recommended. With FF seats you should be pushing the carseat into the seat with your full weight (ie kneel in it) as you secure it so the slight curve of the seat shouldn't be a problem if that makes sense.

More info here

BertieBotts Sun 23-Aug-09 20:31:26

Also here (Actually the whole site is interesting reading)

monkeytrousers Sun 23-Aug-09 20:40:13

it's a booster seat.

BertieBotts Sun 23-Aug-09 20:43:06

Ah ok grin Sorry, haven't got to that stage yet so I assumed it was a FF seat or a highback booster! wink

monkeytrousers Sun 23-Aug-09 23:24:44

oh, yes, it is a highback booster.

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