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My friends 8 year old daughter has asked me to tell her mum she dosen't want to do 11+ tutoring anymore

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dilemma456 Sun 23-Aug-09 10:07:47

Message withdrawn

Sakura Sun 23-Aug-09 10:29:31

I think children should be taken seriously. This is obviously some kind of cry for help or support. I would think of a really tactful way of telling your friend what her daughter has said (maybe mumsnetters can help with this as I have no idea off the top of my head how you could do this!). THen maybe your friend will stop sending her poor daughter to this extra tutoring at such an early age.
I know this is beside the point, but I agree with you that this is far to early for a child to be preparing for exams. Where`s her childhood FGS.

PitysSake Sun 23-Aug-09 10:30:11

at the age of EIGHT

a total waste of time
Imo it should be dont in eyar 5 only
or tbh what IS ht epoint

dilemma456 Sun 23-Aug-09 10:38:35

Message withdrawn

GrinnyPig Sun 23-Aug-09 11:01:28

Tutoring for the 11plus at the age of 8 is ridiculous and I'm not surprised she's the youngest there. All you can do is say to the Mum that her DD mentioned to you that she was a bit upset about the tutoring and wanted you to speak to her about it. Don't pass any comment on what you think about it just that she needs to speak to her DD about it. I'd say that's tactful enough.

dilemma456 Sun 23-Aug-09 11:12:31

Message withdrawn

dilemma456 Sun 23-Aug-09 18:33:13

Message withdrawn

rookiemater Sun 23-Aug-09 21:06:39

Well done dilemma, must have been hard to pluck up the courage but you did the right thing.

LadyMuck Sun 23-Aug-09 21:08:21

Oh well done, it is so hard to comment on a friend's parenting. But she is absolutely bonkers!

dilemma456 Sun 23-Aug-09 21:52:06

Message withdrawn

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