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school uniform - wheredoyageddit?

(7 Posts)
farmer12 Sun 23-Aug-09 09:51:17

ideas for sites for secomd hand school kit?

dilemma456 Sun 23-Aug-09 10:09:23

Message withdrawn

Seona1973 Sun 23-Aug-09 10:45:32

dd has a mix of Asda, Tesco and M&S skirts, cardi's and pinafores. I get the proper logo polo shirts though.

dilemma456 Sun 23-Aug-09 10:56:37

Message withdrawn

farmer12 Sun 23-Aug-09 12:29:42

thx dilema hav u seen primaryschooltrader

TrinityRhino Sun 23-Aug-09 12:32:13

tesco, asda or hand downs

farmer12 Sun 23-Aug-09 12:52:14

thx rhino - its dear kit these days

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