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Carrier for seven months onwards

(6 Posts)
haphazard Fri 21-Aug-09 20:51:53

Hello all
Can anyone suggest a good sling for a heavy seven month old? Ideally a back carrier which we can use for a bit.
Big thanks from me and my back X

CMOTdibbler Fri 21-Aug-09 20:53:50

A Meitai like a Babyhawk is supportive, and will work till at least 18 months old. You can use it on your front or back

BertieBotts Fri 21-Aug-09 20:59:40

I have been recommended the Ergo (if you want another baby at some point) or toddler Patapum if not

Tangle Fri 21-Aug-09 21:49:59

DD is 28 months and > 2st now, and I still carry her in a woven wrap or a Mei Tai (I've got a Napsack and a BBO, but its personal preference as to what you find works for you). I tried an Ergo when DD was little but didn't get on with it at all.

You might find the reviews on The Baby Wearer useful, Slingmeet is a great way to meet baby wearers local to you and try things out for free, and you can get some real bargains buying 2nd hand (the baby wearer has a very active for sale or trade board, but is mainly in the USA, UKbabywearingSWAP and Natural Mamas are both good for the UK), and if you don't get on with it you can sell it on for the same price.

Happy hunting

TheMysticMasseuse Fri 21-Aug-09 21:54:50

Ergo or Patapum. very very good, very easy, will last for several babies.

haphazard Fri 21-Aug-09 22:58:32

Thank you for all of your help X

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