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grammar school advice please

(2 Posts)
bichonbuzz Thu 20-Aug-09 23:46:42

My dd has to apply for high school soon,,,!!!!She has most likely got ability to pass grammar test but lacks confidence in taking a test - ive tried what i can to make her comfortable about this - such as tell her invincible she is when she rides at the stables !!horses are her reference point !!!- to build her self esteem - done mini tests occasionally at home etc- shes fine at home but idea of test terrifies her although she did fab in stats..She wants to go to another local school were some of her friends are going- some going there some prob grammar..I just dont want her to come back to me in a few years and say why didint you make me do the test !!! and have it on my concsience i suppose...Some people have said to me im the parent and i should decide but im just unsure how it would work out to make a child do a test if shes this worried - seems a bit harsh to me when the alternative is ok - but not as good ..anyone had similar issues ? any pearl s of wisdom ? thanks..

deaddei Fri 21-Aug-09 08:52:13

Don't force her....grammar schools can be highly selective, high achieving places where the pressure to do well is immense.
I am facing a similar situation, and genuinely feel the local school is a better option.

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