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It's all gone wrong, come and tell me to get a grip and help me form a strategy

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makedoandmend Thu 20-Aug-09 20:25:32

Not sure where to post this as it involves everything!

Firstly - I had it all planned for going back to work - 9mo dd was sleeping through from 7 and I'd put her into nursery five weeks in advance to settle her in and get her used to taking a bottle with nursery's help. Now it's buggered! Problems with nursery have led to me taking her out and she's starting settling in at CMs next Tuesday. I've managed to delay going back to work until Sept 15.

So I need to get her on a bottle (bf up until now) and formula for her time at CM but she's refusing both.

Secondly I also need to get her in a cot in her own room - was going to do it when she'd settled at nursery - figuring that would be around now, but obviously I'm having to start again. She's getting too big for her crib but I don't want to plonk her in the nursery on her own just as she starts with CM.

Also she's suddenly started not going to sleep at her usual time (7ish) - or falling asleep for an hour and waking up. I'm currently listening to her singing to herself on the monitor knowing she'll begin to wail in about five seconds. This will go on until about 9.30. I've already been up once (she fell asleep at 6.30 and woke up at 7.30) She used to go down like a dream! And she's started waking up in the night between 3 and 4am - usually wide awake and chatting and it can take an hour to get her back to sleep. Last night she woke up twice.

I'm sorry, I'm panicking because I feel I've got a lot of stuff to crack before going back to work - settling her in, the bottle, getting her to sleep and trying to get her to sleep through again. When I go back to work I'll be off to bed myself at about 10 due to early rise so will be left with half an hour to myself at this rate!

Anyone got any ideas? Any tips on teat types and favourite formulas?

thisisyesterday Thu 20-Aug-09 20:30:50

ok, first things first. if she won't take a bottle it isn't the end of the world. she can be cup fed or spoon fed if necessary.
However, if you are going to continue breastfeeding too, she will be absolteuly fine with BF morning and evening and just food/water during the day at that age. so don't worry too much

can you not fit the cot in your room? if not then just do the swap, it'll be fine i'm sure.

as for sleeping through, i wouldn't do anything specific right now. sometimes they just go through these phases and wshe'll probably go back to normal soon enough. often night waking can be associated with developmental spurts, is she learning to crawl? stand? thigns like that?

thisisyesterday Thu 20-Aug-09 20:31:20

what are her naps like in the day?

elvislives Thu 20-Aug-09 20:32:21

Why does she need formula and bottles? My DD started nursery at 9 mo and just had water in a spouted cup while there, continuing to BF at home.

rempy Thu 20-Aug-09 20:38:09

Second putting cot in your room if it fits. It breaks it down into two smaller steps so may be less disrupting.

Sleep disturbance can be because of big developmental change - learning to walk, learning to crawl, and may just pass. Ridiculous advice this but try and chill out about it. If baby wakes, you will just have to get on with it. You will be able to cope. I promise.

Re formula and teats, I am of the opinion that babies do not know that there is a vast array of these things in the shops, so should eventually get on and take what is offered. Make sure it is warm. (Really very warm in the case of my son.) And dont mess with the small teats (size 1 or 2) for too long. Big babies want speedy milk.

Good luck.
I chose my formula on the ease of use of the box, and the fact that it came in ready made cartons to take out. (Aptamil 3)

makedoandmend Thu 20-Aug-09 20:55:00

Sorry had to go and feed her again (she's still not asleep and I know feeding her to sleep is a cop out but I'll do anything at this stage in the evening)

thisisyesterday on consulting dh the cot (it's a cotbed) may fit at a pinch but it'll take some interesting squeezing. Will have a think about this. Her naps are ok - she has one about two -three hours after she wakes for about a 40 mins- 1 hour then a longer nap in the afternoon. About 2-3 hours of naps a day. Have thought of introducing a half hour nap at about 4.30 to see if this will stop the falling asleep waking up thing. Re the crawling - she may be but she's quite slow in that department. Has only just learnt to put herself on her front! Has two teeth though so maybe that's it.

Re the bottles - I'll stop panicking then! I thought that she'd need more milk during the day as I'll be gone 11 hours. But that's really reassuring. (BTW did try milk in Doidy - went down like lead balloon.

elvislives do you find yourself feeding for a long time at night or the usual?

rempy - thanks - that's reassuring. I think I can cope with the waking as long as I get my evenings back iyswim!

rempy Thu 20-Aug-09 21:06:13

Oh, and another thing, babies often take milk better from people other than mummy, who obviously is providing the premium product.

So you may find that CM gets her to take milk fairly easily.

elvislives Thu 20-Aug-09 22:37:52

My DD is a bit of a milk monster even at 2.5. At 9 mo she was feeding a couple of times in the night, but after being away from her all day I found the closeness nice.

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