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Tantrums and Demands

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MumofSoJo Thu 20-Aug-09 11:02:27

Hiya, im new to this wonderful site and its so reassuring to see that other mums have the problems Im having. My little darlings are 3.5 and 20 months and wow, they are hard work at the moment. Major tantrums, always demanding to do things and just never seem happy. The older of the two is at nursery 3 times a week, thank goodness. What a pressure these little poppets put on a relationship though. So little yet with such a big impact. Love them to bits of course but finding life very tough at the moment. How do you deal with the never ending demands of "I want to draw", "I want to go outside", I want to make cakes" etc. The eldest only does something for 5 mins and then wants to do something else. Nightmare. And the wee one is generally laid back and a joy but has picked up the siblings bad habits and copies them. Aghhh. What do you do? I find myself getting so uptight and then angry by the end of the day angry. Help. Oh for some time to myself!

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