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DD's foot is "fizzing" - translation for exhausted mummy please

(8 Posts)
dilemma456 Thu 20-Aug-09 09:10:32

Message withdrawn

princessmel Thu 20-Aug-09 09:11:19

Pins and needles,


MrsBadger Thu 20-Aug-09 09:11:28

pins & needles?

lavenderbongo Thu 20-Aug-09 09:11:33

pins and needles?

TrinityRhino Thu 20-Aug-09 09:11:43

has it gone to sleep and now its coming back to life (pins and needles)
cause that is a very weird eeling and could be described as fizzing

melmog Thu 20-Aug-09 09:12:30

Sounds like pins and needles?

melmog Thu 20-Aug-09 09:12:51

Oh, you got that! blush

dilemma456 Thu 20-Aug-09 09:14:09

Message withdrawn

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