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rear facing car seat

(4 Posts)
mrsmusic Wed 19-Aug-09 17:48:10

I have a 2 week old daughter and one thing we're really not sure about is how she's sitting in her car seat - she's happy to fall asleep in it but her head seems really unsupported - when we used it today and stopped her head was bent sideways pretty much parallel with her shoulders, which really doesn't look very good to us at all. When we got back from the hospital (only a 5 minute drive) her head was slumped right forwards as far down as it would go. We've tried it in every possible way/sitting her more laid down/upright etc - does this sound about right and is it doing her any damage if she's sat like this?
The car seat is part of a graco travel system.

sweetnitanitro Wed 19-Aug-09 17:52:57

Does it have one of those newborn inserts to support their head? My Maxi cosi one had 2 inserts that you could take out as the baby grows.

mrsmusic Wed 19-Aug-09 18:19:29

yeah it does but it doesn't sit snug around her head. We're considering putting a rolled up muslin square at the side of her head until she's a bit bigger!

jocie Thu 20-Aug-09 14:51:47

grac's are quite upright in their design especially if you have in on a base.(we have 1) If you use it without the base you can get it lieing back a bit without affecting the leveller on the side of the seat. As long as they're not in it for too long i don't think it'll do any damage.( im sure iv read somewhere that they shouldn't be in a car seat for more tha 2 hours. Not sure if thats 2 hours a day or at a time.) My boys have both used graco and had good head/neck control when they were babies.

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