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how often do you play with your child(ren)?

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greeneyedg1rl Wed 19-Aug-09 11:10:32

DD is 8 and an only child. She is complaining today that I don't spend enough time playing games with her. We have had almost daily Wii tournaments. And almost daily trips to the park, walks, some touristy days out. She has been to friends' houses, friends have been round here. I feel I've done my bit, though there have been days when we have just done chores.

Is this enough? What happens in the wider MN world?

BTW I've been off work for the WHOLE OF THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS and have slowly but surely lost the plot completely and am so very, very ready to get back to work for a break. <manic grinning emoticon>

bigchris Wed 19-Aug-09 11:15:04

i think that sounds above and beyond to me!!

Bramshott Wed 19-Aug-09 11:18:08

It's worth having a chat and seeing what she means by "playing". My DD (6.5) asks me to play with her, and what she means is specifically imaginitive play, with her toys, in her bedroom, just me and her. It's what she really enjoys, but she seems to accept that it actually only happens about once a week.

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