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Does anyone else's DCs not really play with toys?

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SpudtheScarecrow Wed 19-Aug-09 10:15:03

Have 2 DSs aged 3.11 and 2.1 and neither of them really play with much with their toys. I'm a SAHM and wonder if I should be more active in getting them too or if anyone else's DCs are like this. They will play with lego and construction toys but nothing much else.

They play together really nicely most of the time making up their own games and don't fight (much) If the weather's nice they play outside loads and do play with their garden toys otherwise I feel like we all just potter around together. This is ok isn't it?

They do colouring and scribbling, jigsaws etc and we get out and about a lot.

Think I just want reassurance that everyone else is on the floor all day playing Happy land or whatever with their DCs!

They do a morning at nursery and DS1 does 2 days at pre-school in term time

Gateau Wed 19-Aug-09 12:37:08

Blimey, I don't think you've anything to worry about Spud! (Love Spud the scarecrow, by the way! {grin])

They don't have to play with TOYs, just playing is enough, I think. Some parents can't afford many toys for their children and years ago children would just not have had as many. It doesn't mean their children are/were deprived.

My DS (2.4) plays very, very little with his toys unless me or DH - or Grandad - is involved too. But nor does he play in the garden much either unless someone else is involved. It can get frustrating when jobs need to be done (so I have to resort to Cbeebies and dvds blush) but I'm hoping he'll be happy to play with no2 when he/she gets a bit bigger (not due to arrive until October).

Your two get on very well - you should be very happy with that. Some brothers just don't.

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