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Does anyone else feel as though they are losing their mind?

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iwouldgoouttonight Tue 18-Aug-09 16:15:50

I really don't know whether I'm coming or going lately. I am so scatty. Just keep forgetting things, driving without my seatbelt on, forgot to take changing bag when we went out for the day, always going upstairs and completely forgetting what I went up for (every single time!)

I know they're all little things but its actually worrying me that I'll never get my brain back again!

I have two DCs (DS is 3 years and DD is seven months) and am working out of the home four days a week. DP also works four days a week plus weekends and some evenings. So everything is hectic - we're potty training DS and weaning DD so there are so many things to remember to take when we go out, and when we take them to nursery, etc - bibs, changes of clothes, raincoat, suncream, towel for DS to sit on, bottles, flasks, treats for DS if he uses the potty, etc, etc, etc.

I am sitting at work at the minute and for the life of me can't remember how to do a simple task I used to be able to do standing on my head!

It feels as though I'm in a very delicate state of only just coping and if one little thing goes wrong its going to all fall apart!

Is it normal to feel like this as a working parent and will it ever get better??

missorinoco Tue 18-Aug-09 16:58:38

I do. I feel the same and I've not even got back to work yet.

This is partly to say you are not alone, and also as a bump for any tips from anyone else.

SpudtheScarecrow Wed 19-Aug-09 10:25:57

I'm at SAHM mum so can only imagine how hard it is trying to juggle a job as well but just wanted to say it does get better as they get older. Mine are now 2 and nearly 4 and although I don't think my brain has improved much I think I've got better at dealing with it! So, lots of lists, getting ready the night before etc.

Also there seems to suddenly come a day when you don't need so much stuff - all I need to remember now is nappy and wipes for DS2. Anything else I forget it's easy to pick up while out as they eat anything, can drink from a normal cup/bottle of fruitshoot water

Hang on in there

SpudtheScarecrow Wed 19-Aug-09 10:28:41

Forgot to say - don't know how well yours sleep but mine were rubbish! When they started sleeping through most nights, most of the time a lot of the fog seemed to lift.

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