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I avoided the rod for my back... but it bit me on the bum!

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stillfrazzled Tue 18-Aug-09 14:52:36

Inspired by DS last night hmm just thought it might be interesting to post some of the dreaded Rods we congratulated ourselves for avoiding - and the consequences.

For example, DH and I were chuffed when DS's sleep training (No-Cry, before anyone asks) worked so well and he was happy to sleep in his own bed for 11/12 hours at a stretch. Lovely.

Except when he has a nightmare/we're on holiday/he's ill and we have to take him into our bed, where he rotates, pokes us in the head, fidgets, witters and is generally giddy at how much fun we're all having. All night. Gaaaaah.

Wouldn't swap it for the world, but hadn't considered the training working too well... <yawns and goes to put the kettle on for fourth time in hope of remembering to make the tea this time>

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