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hearing problems with pitch? minor hearing problems?

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tinatutor Mon 17-Aug-09 19:26:44

my 2yr old has speech delay problems. The speech therapist has suggested that he might not be able to hear certain 'pitches'. He's having a hearing test next week.

I was wondering if they do find something like this, how do they fix it? and when they fix will that mean his speech should come on in leaps and bounds?

CarGirl Mon 17-Aug-09 19:38:58

my dd had this, she passed her NHS hearing test but I had one done privately and in the higher frequencies she was hearing at bettween 20-45 decibels (over 40 is hearing impaired), it was very poor at the lowest frequencies too. This was the cause of my dds speech problems she simply good not hear and therefore did not use the high frequency sounds eg s f z v

We worked through the johansen sound therapy programme and after the fist 6 weeks there was a massive improvement in her hearing test results - she just listened to special music cds every day for 10 minutes. It basically stimulate the auditory processing areas of the brain so they exercise and grow and start working to full capacity.

A website that may help you is this one

Of course before we complete the first 6 weeks the therapist could not be sure whether it was "brain" issue or some sort of permanent hearing loss. As I have mild APD (auditory processing dysfunction) is was quite likely that dd would have a treatable brain delay type issue rather than a hearing one.

Her speech has improved massively since her hearing improved, if they can't hear sounds they can't learn them let alone use them.

Hope that makes sense.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Wed 19-Aug-09 14:32:42

Depends what the reason for the hearing impairement is.
My ds has glue ear, did have it in both ears but now just in one.
He was/is hearing some of the pitches at the lowest volume they would expect but others he is barely hearing at all.
They had discussed the option of a hearing aid but possibly (and more likely) as he is having another op at the same time giving gromets.
So treatment will depend on what the problem is in the end.
Once ds first ear started clearing up his speech came on overnight.
At the beginning of this year he could just say mummy no he can put full sentences together and is understood by strangers rather than just me. HE is still not 100% but way improved.

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