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Does anyone else's baby do long naps under the age of 12 weeks?

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roseability Mon 17-Aug-09 17:57:41

I have a D 8 weeks. I have had an awful afternoon of trying to get her to sleep. I carry her in a sling a lot and of course she has no bother sleeping in this but I need/want her to sleep in a cot/pram occasionally as I have a DS aged 3.

She is generally a very chilled baby and she will nap for up to an hour in her pram in front of the washing machine in the morning. However I cannot get her to do a long nap in the afternoon, which she needs.

I had this issue with DS and it drove me potty! I know leaving her to cry it out would probably work in the short term but I am not prepared to do this. She will wake up after 20 minutes sometimes but needs to sleep longer

roseability Mon 17-Aug-09 17:58:02

sorry DD aged 8 weeks

BiscuitStuffer Mon 17-Aug-09 20:39:37

I remember that both mine would sleep for about 3 x 20-40 min naps in the day at that age and I also remember lots of battles. I think if you just choose either the buggy or the cot and decide what time they are going to happen (based on what she seems to do naturally), then you may find that having a little 'routine' will help -ie milk, grobag, bed. It will take days/weeks maybe for her to respond to it but once she does, her sleep triggers will be so strong that she will go to sleep whenever you think she should. It's purely that has enabled me to get DS's naps to match with DDs and to get him to sleep when we need him to on occasion.

Otherwise you can just be very relaxed about it and just let her do what she wants when she wants and she will slot in to something that suits her better when she's a wee bit older

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