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star chart, am I doing this all wrong?

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MinkyBorage Mon 17-Aug-09 11:53:46

DD2 has been toilet training for a while, she's doing really well, and had completely cracked it with wee, but was still having a few accidents with poo in knickers.
I made star chart, the intention being that if she gets a star every day for a week she gets her prize, she gets a star if she doesn't have any accidents.
She had three stars (i.e. no accidents for three days) but has had two wee accidents today, probably because I had forgotten to ask her if she wanted to go, but so far no poo accident.
I have scrapped the chart with stars on and made a new one with a weeks worth of spaces for stars. Am I being a cow?

Fluffypoms Mon 17-Aug-09 15:38:18

NO your not being a cow, but maybe try it if she stays clean all day she can have a treat like icecream after dinner or a biscuit?

think a week is a long time to wait for a small child.

logi Mon 17-Aug-09 18:11:33

how old is dd2?

MinkyBorage Mon 17-Aug-09 20:20:57

You've got a point, we had a lot of problems with DD1 who eventually stopped having accidents when she was 3.5, and she had understood for a long time about the no accident for two weeks equals a scooter chart. I think I've been expecting the same level of understanding from dd2, who is 2.7 blush so I guess it is a bit mean. I was giving her choc/sweets after each poo in toilet which worked a treat, but have stopped since she seemed to have pretty much cracked it. Back to choc/sweets for a no accident day, and I'll give her the house when she's cracked it without the chart, which seems a little negative somehow.
Felt a bit pissed of with her this morning (when I started a new chart) because she had actually had a wee in dd1s basket which was full of clean clothes! shock
Thank you.

sarahken Mon 17-Aug-09 20:21:03

Sounds like my son. He's 3 1/2 and been toilet trained properly since Jan, but the last month or so he's been holding onto poo's for ages then pooing himself- since we've been camping he's now afraid of our toilet but no-one elses. Wee's he's been completely fine with thoughout. So I got him a sticker chart on Monday to encourage poo's on the toilet aswell as trying new foods and eating a good amount of food as he's a bit of a picker. But now he wants a sticker everytime he even has a wee and there are only 6 spaces on each day, think I'm going to have to make a bigger chart. Today he has been good all day but he only has two stars as he hasnt been as hungry as usual and didn't need to have a poo, seems a bit unfair as he hasnt behaved badly so will probably fill the rest of todays in tonight whilst hes in bed and make up some reasons why he got them in the morning! Think I'm going to end up confusing him changing the rules all the time. I tend to give out a small treat at the end of each day like a small chocolate bar or sweets and then at the end of the week will reward him with a pack of felt tips, a book or crayons or something else just from poundland. Thinking of getting a small bag of poundshop goodies together to avoid rewarding him with junk food.

MinkyBorage Mon 17-Aug-09 20:22:15

btw her prize was a little carry about playmobil dolls house, so I'm just as disappointed as her because I want to play with it!

MinkyBorage Mon 17-Aug-09 20:22:24

btw her prize was a little carry about playmobil dolls house, so I'm just as disappointed as her because I want to play with it!

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