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too big for moses basket

(7 Posts)
meloraspalm Sun 16-Aug-09 22:53:44

My baby is soon going to be too big to fit in her moses basket. We're planning to use a co-sleeping cot for night times, but what do people recommend for daytime sleeps?

cece Sun 16-Aug-09 22:59:44

I use a travel cot downstairs or the buggy if we are out and about or the sofa (as long as they can't roll!) In fact a variety of places. DS2 had his afternoon sleep on his playgym today! blush

JustcallmeDog Sun 16-Aug-09 23:02:39

Message withdrawn

cece Sun 16-Aug-09 23:04:19

justcallmedog - amazing how casual you get about dc3 s sleeping arrangments isn't it?!

JustcallmeDog Sun 16-Aug-09 23:10:38

Message withdrawn

cece Sun 16-Aug-09 23:13:35

Mine is also PLB. He is not in a cot as he doesn't have a bedroom yet...
He is very long and already looking snug in his moses basket at 12 weeks! Not sure if his room will be available in time...

MatNanPlus Sun 16-Aug-09 23:16:01

Ikea cots are smallish.

Maybe a bed guard between bed and co sleeper cot for daytime naps & playtime?

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