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DD is a total morning nightmare...HELP PLEASE!!!

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TiggerIsEisCat Sun 16-Aug-09 18:13:55


my DD(3.8) is getting worse by the daysad every morning it is a total nightmare trying t get her dressed. she blatently refuses to put her clothes on, kicks/screams/bites/pinches etc me and is very vocal about wanting to sit on the couch!! i work full time, she goes to a CM and also morning nursery sessions during term time and t is getting more frequent that she has to go to CM wearing a slip on dreaa and socks. she is happy to just sit in her knickers and not movehmm i have tried starting earlier/later, no TV, time-out (we use this on a regular basis for her continuing tantrumshmm) and bar putting her to bed in her next day outfit or allowing her to go to nursery in her knickers and a pair of wellies i am out of ideashmm

any tips for a mummy on the edge??smile


BiscuitStuffer Sun 16-Aug-09 20:41:02

The choice in this house is to either:

1. Do it yourself starting by the count of 3

2. I will get you dressed and it will probably hurt you as I will need to pin you down at the same time (which she knows and doesn't like).

randomtask Sun 16-Aug-09 20:47:52

I don't know if it'd work for a child so young but, DSS (aged 8) was six months ago taking ages to get ready. So I wrote a list of what he has to do and put at the end free time/drawing/reading. He realised that if he rushed the first bits he got more enjoyable time at the end. It might work if you take postcards, write/draw what she needs to do on each one and she could post the postcard in a box when she's done the job on it. But that only works if she wants to be grown up. (think I heard about this on Mumsnet in the first place).

Hope someone else with more experience comes along!

TiggerIsEisCat Sun 16-Aug-09 21:03:56


biscuitstuffer the count of 3 thing doesnt work as she thinks its a game and carries on counting and laughs(which then makes me laugh as it so bloody cute!!hmm) and its usually the holding her down that kicks the violence offhmm i cant bloody win!!smile

randomtask that sounds like an interesting optionsmile i may fashion a postcard box and see if that helps...

xx ei xx

TiggerIsEisCat Sun 16-Aug-09 21:30:12


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