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Moshi Monsters? internet safety

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misdee Sun 16-Aug-09 09:13:31

dh has let dd2 join up to this game site for kids. we have had a chat about internet safety etc.

i browsed the site last night, but couldnt find anything to worry about. is it heavily policed like that club penguin game? would i be better sending her to club penguin?

AllyStarxox10 Wed 06-Nov-13 18:02:08

hold it hold it oh PHEW! I thought you where gonna complain! Anyways Moshe monsters is BORING!

5madthings Thu 06-Sep-12 00:16:08

my ds3 who is 7 has just started using moshi monsters
he doesnt go on the forums, just plays games.

i shall have a closer look at the site.mydelf tomorrow but so far we havent had any issues.

GoodHeavensNo Wed 05-Sep-12 23:55:56

My DD has been on this website for a few months now and there's been no problems at all. I've not paid for membership though, she just has the basic stuff.

MyBrainIsMush Wed 05-Sep-12 23:46:03

I will bump this too as my ds is dying to go on and I was going to get him membership for his birthday,reading this I'm not so sure!

CleoSmackYa Wed 05-Sep-12 22:10:41

Bumping a Zombie thread! Has anything changed on the Moshi Monsters website? My daughter (6) is desperate to join so I'm trying to educate myself before making a decision. This thread has terrified me a bit but I'm aware it's a few years old and things may be different now.

mongoosemongoose Sun 26-Feb-12 13:39:32

I have joined up for the sole purpose of adding my (late) response to this conversation.

The username I have registered here is the same one as my online alias on MM, to keep things simple- and I'll lay out some basic information about myself and MM.

I am, as of 2011, 14 years old. That particular milestone also makes clear how long it has been since I joined MM- late 2009. I like to think myself as an internet-aware person, steering clear of things that would be dangerous or potentially harmful to myself and the computer.

Moshi Monsters, the forum, and the people on it, have never caused me any alarm. The stories people paint of MM are often quite horrifically negative- but quite honestly it is in the distinct minority of times that anything like that happens.

To take another example- the forums. The forums are, I would suggest, not suitable for under 10s. The age demographic of a lot of the forum members(myself included) is now usually in the 10-13 range, and although the forum is on occasion slightly brusque in conversation topics, once again nothing has ever caught my eye that alarmed or disturbed me to a sufficient degree to click away.

If you are trying to protect your children from Moshi Monsters, I am slightly bemused. So long as you have told them the risks and advised them of when to get them(say if they inadvertently clicked on a virus) to be helped, there is no need for privacy settings, no reason to protect them from the website. I have been totally left to my own devices on the internet since I was 10, and have never been worried by anything I saw on the Internet. Moshi Monsters is a tame website with no reason to worry, so long as you have kitted out your children with knowledge of the Internet.

Feel free to debate my point as you wish.

iseenodust Sun 12-Feb-12 23:03:34

Machinista thanks for the good advice.

iseenodust Sun 12-Feb-12 23:01:39

DS had recently started using the free element, only has 3 friends! This thread has sent me trawling the forum which I'm pretty sure he has not been on. I found 'do u suk balls?' as a post which had been reported earlier by another user but was still visible with subsequent comments.

I've taken the advice above and made the forum off limits through our own security settings.

seancull Sun 12-Feb-12 21:55:49

I am an IT professional who positively encourages my kids to be on-line.

However I recently checked out Moshi Monsters and was horrified.

I posted this for all my friends on Facebook but others have asked too so here it is.

I have just been checking out Moshi Monsters for John (7) who wanted to become a full member (£5 per month )

I am very PRO IT but I was very disappointed with what I saw. It is clearly not a safe place for young children.

>You can see every childs wall - yes all 50M of them - and you are encouraged to surf strangers walls.

Of the 6 random walls I visited I saw

> Messages asking for passwords
> Offensive comments and language ( gay bashing, dic head , ass hole etc )
> Children leaving details of school addresses
> Most children accepting many friends who they could not possible know
>The forum area is not great and includes people asking for valentine cards and asking are they sexy.

> The site pushes membership on you at every opportunity

> There is a very "gift based" theme to the site. I'm not comfortable with gifts and strangers in one place.

I now have an inconsolable little boy who can't understand why he cannot continue to use this site again.

People describe it as "facebook for kids" - its nowhere near as controlled a facebook.

My advice would be just don't let your kids even start.

If they have already started and it is too much to take them off then you need to be reading their walls and the walls of their "friends".


gallifrey Fri 27-Jan-12 18:50:09

I've never been on the forum other than to look up the moshling codes!

Machinista Fri 27-Jan-12 16:15:32

@BerryLellow yes, there are still dodgy postings on the forums from time to time (as I posted, I've recently complained for this reason) and random 'friends' still have the option of posting bad stuff on your kid's pin board.

I have been told that most forum posts are reviewed before they go public, but some members are allowed to bypass the approval process - for some reason.

gallifrey Fri 27-Jan-12 10:12:47

My daughter has been using it for over a year now, I also have a monster but I don't go on there much. I check my daughters monster every day and look on her pin board for messages and she know's not to tell anyone where she lives or any personal details at all.
The other day some random girl asked for her password which I thought was a bit odd, I asked her why and she said so I can look after your monster and change your decorations! Needless to say we said no thanks! We also have people sending a friend request and then asking for a gift immediately.
Other than that we've had no problems at all.

D0oinMeCleanin Wed 25-Jan-12 16:00:45

Dd1 has been playing it for a few months now and we've had no issues. I check her message pin board every now and again and they're all fairly innocuous, even though she does 'friend' every one who asks her to in case they 'have stuff she doesn't' hmm

She doesn't use the forum and afiak is not even aware there is a forum.

BerryLellow Wed 25-Jan-12 15:58:05

This is quite an old thread, does anyone know if the same issues are occurring? I've let DS1 (6) join, although only supervised by me, and I've not noticed anything odd (yet). We haven't added anyone that we don't know.

If he's still interested in it as he gets older I want to feel that he's in a safe area.

Machinista Wed 25-Jan-12 15:17:06

FYI... the Moshi Monsters 'forums team' have offered to officially block forum access on my kids' accounts.

Why this isn't a standard option available at the time you create the account I don't know. Still, it's good it can be done.

That just leaves the friends' tree to manage manually.

Machinista Wed 25-Jan-12 13:46:14

BRAINYBURY makes some good points. I'd also like to see additional parental controls as suggested above and have already complained to Mind Candy about the moderation of forum posts (probably an impossible task and needs a re-think).

In the meantime, it is very easy to block access to the forums and I have done so for my DS and DD: add to the black-list section of you browser's content filter. Job done, no more access.

That just leaves the Friends Tree. I regularly check the friends lists and remove any that aren't known to us in RL. I also encourage DS and DD to ignore requests from strangers themselves.

If your kids are using an internet conected PC and you're not running a content filter, then you should be! I'm using FoxFilter:

It's an add-on for Firefox and Chrome browsers; it's not too difficult to setup. I'm not affiliated in anyway btw.

Keeping MM safe for your kids is not difficult, but does require a little effort.

Hope this helps.

MCos Sun 22-Jan-12 01:21:04

Come on - Moshi Monsters can be LOADS of fun for your DS. \Just keep an eye on who they are friending and their messages. Easy enough to sort out. Consider it a learning experience prior to facebook!

Don't loose track of the fact that the site is fun, and most of their friends at school are playing/collecting figurines/cards.

Instead, educate them to the facts of social networking. Not all messages wll be nice. Persuade them to stay out of the message boards (persuade them boards are boring? mostly are, especially for under 12s).

Parental control is the key.

rod955i Sat 21-Jan-12 15:14:40

similar experience to the previous post - I immediately reported the user and cancelled my daughters membership - do not be fooled this is a business and it does not have security at its heart.

londonmumof3 Sat 26-Nov-11 22:07:33

My children love Moshi Monsters, and I thought it was a safe site for them - the parents information explains it is moderated. But when I went online, using my son's login to see for myself I was incredibly shocked to find sexual content and possible grooming on the forums. Clearly their filter and moderation systems are not working and leave children exposed to inappropriate and possibly predatory behaviour from adults. Someone on the site had a username of 'yummycum' and their moshling character was called 'fkmydk' - a number of apparently young children were communicating with this person and he was discussing sex. I immediately reported it to the website, but they still took 17 hours to delete this user. I hope Moshi Monsters will take this seriously and fix the moderation problems as the basic concept of the website is great. I feel betrayed by their assurances of safety as detailed in their parents' information section - children are being exposed to potential danger. They need to disable the forums.

WillowFae Thu 20-Oct-11 23:07:13

I know this thread is quite old (or at least the start of it where issues were raised). Have they resolved some of the issues now? Can you disable the forums for example? DD is just getting into moshis and I thought she might find the website fun.

brandyyy Thu 23-Jun-11 20:41:08

Moshi Monsters is the best game ever, period.

brandyyy Sun 19-Jun-11 23:08:57

In fact my daughter also loves Moshi Monsters a lot.
She is addicted to it.

ClarasMummy Thu 16-Jun-11 21:59:18

I clicked that link Umer. You owe me 3 minutes of my life back grin

I've known a few people who have had issues with Moshi Monsters so will be keeping DD well away.

Umer Thu 16-Jun-11 18:02:57

I know you Mummies are happy that your kids are learning very much and they are also happy with Moshi Monsters, but, don't you think there is something wrong with the game. Have you ever checked what is it.

Moshi Monsters is an Illuminati game. They are brain washing your children as well as your child is being educated by Illuminati content. If you don't believe me then checkout the Illuminati symbols which are being viewed but not being recognized on Moshi Monsters.

I found some symbols in a 2 hour research, because I was familiar with this Virtual Brain Washing Game.

I posted a photo gallery to put those symbols on my website. If you doubt me then check them out. Please check them whether you agree or disagree with me.

Show these pictures to your child and ask him that he visited these places or not. If he hasn't then it means that he hasn't explored all of it.

Another Illuminati game I know is "Second Life".

kimmy68 Tue 07-Jun-11 19:42:28

mags mc .could u please tell me how to report bad behavour has everything ive tried has fail i.e. e-mails ,my 7yr old keeps getting asked for sex on the moshi monster from another member ,i think the next step will be to report it to the police

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