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Pain and bleeding 10wks after birth ??? anyone else experienced this??

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shellmc Sat 15-Aug-09 21:22:03


I am a bit worried i have tried to get in the doctors all this week but no appts as usual iv managed to get one for monday at 8.35am which is gonna be a bit ov a strugle with a 10 week old baby to get up and sorted!!

Im just wondering if anyone else was the same or know wot this cud be to put my mind at ease.
I bled really heavy as expected after having my DS. It got lighter after 3 weeks and then stopped at 6 weeks, after 4 days ov no bleeding it then started again and lasted for about 10 days ????? could this have been a period???
It again stopped but then from then onwards iv had little bits of bleeding now and again not heavy but there wen i wipe when i go to the loo (sorry if tmi!! )
I have also had a few pains low down and wen i lie on my left side in bed i get a pain in my right lower abdomen. I find that sex is well not painful but uncomfortable at times too.
Did anyone else have this could it just be my body still getting bk to normal is the bleeding normal???
I am worrying and dont know wot to think, sorry for long post im a first time mum and soo not sure if this is normal xxx

crazycanuck Sun 16-Aug-09 00:42:28

Hi there, didn't want to leave this unanswered as you sound worried. I bled for about 8 weeks after ds was born. I went for a scan (yep, had to drink loads of water!) so they could check if there was anything still in there (sometimes part of the placenta can get left behind). There wasn't anything there and the bleeding did stop of it's own accord shortly after the scan. But as far as I know that would be the first thing they check for.

Hope that helps, and congrats on your new ds!

Chaotica Sun 16-Aug-09 10:09:02

Congrats. And see GP as it could be normal or might be a mild infection so you might need ABs.

shellmc Sun 16-Aug-09 17:51:59

Ohhh thanx for your replys!!
I am at docs tomorrow soo hopfully il get sorted and find out if this is anything to worry about or not.

If there was a bit of placenta left behind could this cause infection and be the cause for the pain 2??

crazycanuck Mon 17-Aug-09 08:48:28

yes, it could be. I see by the time you are at docs now. hope all is okay!

shellmc Mon 17-Aug-09 13:31:48

hiya, been to docs she has had a feel about and sed my stomach feels hard on the rt side asked if i cud be pregnant ????? im bk on pill and still bleeding soo dont think i could be!!!!
She has given me some norethiserone tablets to take for a week to stop the bleeding if i still bleed and have pain while on em iv to go bk in a week and have some swabs taken and possibly a scan!!
Anybody else has these tablets??

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