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Is 16 days a long time for a child to be away from home?

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allgonebellyup Fri 14-Aug-09 22:54:07

Im just wondering, as my ds who is 5, has gone to his dads' for just over 2 weeks (we are divorced, nearly)and i got a couple of funny comments from other mums who said they wouldnt let their child go for that long.. it so bad? his dad is taking him camping as well as a week at him home.

LittleMissTuffet Fri 14-Aug-09 22:57:35

Not too long if he's with his dad, bet they'll have great fun and you'll have a nice break.

Fluffypoms Fri 14-Aug-09 23:32:28

It is his dad ofcourse it is'nt too long.
sounds like your doing the right thing..

like littlemiss said bet he is having great

TheDailyMailHatesWomenAndLemon Sat 15-Aug-09 00:41:29

Not too long if he's with his dad. I'd be twitchy about letting a 5yo go somewhere else without me but that's a different matter.

DidEinsteinsMum Sat 15-Aug-09 01:30:26

I would do this with my son and his visits to his dad, but one week was enough to cause seperation anxiety. This from a boy who didnt even have any attachment to anything. hmm It is not to long IME if the child is properally coping with the situation. The test will be the next couple of weeks and whether confusion has set in etc. That will be the telling point. At mo ds is on 3-4days as that is all he can cope with at mo. Lucky as me and ex get on ok (am having to crash this months' visit due to ex still tired after pig flu) and we are hoping to up it to a week at long school holidays soon. Tread gently and if you are comfortable and your dc is ok then no i would say not. Especially as visist can get tricky if there is distance during school terms.

<disclaimer: tired rambling goes in circles, forgets spelling and grammar, and gets lost before proof-reading can occur>

Tortington Sat 15-Aug-09 01:31:36

whatever YOU feel is right - is right

allgonebellyup Sat 15-Aug-09 09:37:36

thanks for all your kind words! it didnt really occur to me that it was a long time to be away until this week, seeing as he will be with his other parent who dotes on him too.

my ds was really happy to go, i guess i am just feeling v guilty cos of the comments, plus i am going to spain on fri with my new man, child-free, and i feel maybe the kids are feeling bereft (even though they dont know i am going away!)

ChasingSquirrels Sat 15-Aug-09 09:49:37

I'D miss them. Aahh - just seen you are off to Spain with new man!!!! .

Mine have just had a week with their dad (Sun evening - coming back in 15 mins) which is the longest they had been away (think 3 nights is previous longest, but normally only over night twice a week).

When I last spoke to them (Wed evening) they were having a fantastic time, they have been to Centre Parcs with their dad, his g/f and her dd.

I wouldn't like a week on / week off (or fortnight on / fortnight off as someone I know does), but a week (or fortnight) every so often is very relaxing.
I didn't miss them anything like as much as I thought I would.
Though I will be glad to see them shortly.

Have a lovely holiday.

purepurple Sat 15-Aug-09 09:50:18

of course it's not too long!
It's his dad, not some distant relation he doesn't know
enjoy your holiday
I expect the mums you spoke to are just a teeny weeny bit jealous that you are getting child-free time

allgonebellyup Sat 15-Aug-09 10:02:19

aw thanks!!!

<<guilt quickly giving way to excitement>>

grin grin

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