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Eating habits in 3yr old

(5 Posts)
mummynumnum Thu 13-Aug-09 21:19:57

Just wondering how other peoples 3yr old eat-fussy/wont use knife and fork and prefer fingers and faff?

My dd is just 3 and I am getting a little frustrated with her unwillingness to eat at home, general faffiness at home and using fingers. She eats well at nursery and am trying to not turn this into an issue, but then wonder whether should be tougher. She is my first child.

WobblyPig Thu 13-Aug-09 22:03:34

My 2.10 year old prefers fingers; wont eat meat, fish, green vegetables, sauces, soups, potatoes. Lives off of rice cakes, tomatoes, cucmber and carrots with the occasional egg or cheese if I am lucky.

kw13 Fri 14-Aug-09 13:09:55

I assume that she uses cutlery at nursery? My DS is a bit similar. He will eat anything and everything that nursery provide; however, with me it's back to fish fingers, beans, macaroni cheese, and sausages - and fruit. He has a favourite spoon - which changed yesterday and I had forgotten to tell his father, so you can imagine the outrage this morning when the wrong spoon was presented. I insist on at least a spoon, sitting at the table, and sitting up straight (starting to sound like my mother!), and that's about it. I really have learnt that if he is hungry he will eat. How to expand the range is a mystery - am just glad he eats at nursery (where the food is marvellous). Good luck!

mummynumnum Fri 14-Aug-09 16:31:33

DD eats at nursery and uses utensils. Think she is being a bit minxy, but dont want to turn it into a battleground. She does ask politely to leave table and does generally sit up nicely.

readbtweenthelines Sat 15-Aug-09 10:08:12

Thank you WobblyPig my little munchkin is the same. I'm not stressing over it though. mummynumnum I would just be happy my dc eats a variety of foods however she chooses to eat it. She is a child after all and is having fun with her food, no harm done. She has plenty of time to learn manners, slowly bt surely she will. I would just relax about it and just let her enjoy her childish ways. We grow up so fast she will be ating properly before you know it wink

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