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Stay At Home Mums - How do you fill your days?

(8 Posts)
Astrid28 Thu 13-Aug-09 12:40:30

I'm a SAHM, and have been for the last 2.5 years.

I have one child and we are hoping for another on the near future, so not looking to go back to work just yet, but I seem to have hit a wall! I'm so bored!

We go swimming once a week, and payschool on another day, we visit the park probably twice a week as well.

I run a small business from home which is sometimes busy, sometimes not - right now it's not!

I do housework, shopping, cooking, washing, ironing - the usual really. What does everyone else do - I need inspiration!

Tommy Thu 13-Aug-09 12:47:02

do you meet up with other Mums? I find that can fill quite a lot of my time grin

Onlyaphase Thu 13-Aug-09 12:47:46

I do some child-specific things like swimming, music group, tumbletots, toddler group at the library, feeding the ducks, playing in the park, playgroup etc each week wtih DD (2.9)

I also do the usual gardening (DD loves to help and has to be tactfully dissuaded from picking immature veg or weeding too enthusiastically), shopping, housework etc

We also have days out with MIL most weeks - we usually go to National Trust gardens or parks, sometimes childrens activity centres. We also get together with friends with similar aged children, either at each other's houses or going for walks.

Every day we take the dogs for a walk as well, DD either walks or uses her balance bike.

I think the key is a balance between kids activities and your own social life and running the house. We go out most days, even just to the nearby ruined abbey to chase each other around for 30 minutes.

BonsoirAnna Thu 13-Aug-09 12:48:38

I think you need to have some kind of activity where you will meet up with other adults EVERY day. Even if it's only story time at the library, it provides an opportunity to chat and relax.

MaybeAfterBreakfast Thu 13-Aug-09 13:08:03

SAHM to 3 and 1 yo.

What we do in term time is:

1.5 toddler groups per week (one is fortnightly)
meet friends or have them round once or twice a week
trip to zoo once a week (have season ticket)
walk dog(s)
playground every afternoon when it isn't raining (timed to coincide with children coming home from school so that there are lots of other SAHMs to talk to and children for the dcs to play with)
library once a week

I try to do something that gives ds1 exercise and something where I can talk to sensible adults each day.

deaddei Thu 13-Aug-09 14:42:32

God yes, you must meet adults everyday, even if it's only at each other houses.
We also used to swop dcs, to give us all a break one afternoon a week. Much easier looking after 4 children than one, once they get to about 2.5.And you know the next day is your time to spend (in the wine bar)
I mean, coffee shop!

Uspy Thu 13-Aug-09 15:36:28

I am lucky in that my big hobby gets us out at least once a day - I have a horse that I ride and care for myself - keeps me sane and children have come to yard since they were born, one is 2 yrs, new baby now 6 weeks. It is outdoor play in all weathers for them and my escape!

Otherwise we have lots of friends to meet for play and have done the occasional class, Trying to do a fair bit of housework but have supportive husband who helps so it is not just me

Astrid28 Thu 13-Aug-09 16:13:37

Hmmm yeah I think I need to get more into the garden perhaps, that could get us both out and keeping busy. We also go to the library regularly - I think we do enough regular childrens activities & DD starts nursery in September so I'll have time to myself for a short while.

I see 2 of my sisters regularly during the week, and they have small (and big) children, but they're on holiday together for 2 weeks (1 week into it) so maybe I'm feeling the loss. Although I feel like they drive me nuts when they're here!!!

I don't really have Mum friends, none of my friends have children yet (not that I'm particularly young - they're either gay or slow movers!!) and because I have a large immediate family I've never really taken friendships beyond the playgroup or whatever it is, as usually I don't always have the time. I always have a niece or nephew hanging about and now it's just us two!

I've been meaning to paint my hallway & do something with the dining room, I could get on with those bits. Thinking of having a clear out and getting a few things on ebay as well.......

Scary as we're planning to move quite far away in a couple of years time - will I cope without my sisters??!! But I guess then I'll have more time for friends! smile

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