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Quick straw poll - do I wake DS for his feed tonight....?

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babyignoramus Mon 10-Aug-09 19:46:32

DS is 24 weeks. He is weaning and has dinner (full milk feed and baby rice) at about 5.30pm. I then usually wake him up at 10.30 for feed and give him the hungry baby stuff. He usually has about 4-5oz and then sleeps until about 6am, and has his milk at about 7-7.30am.

Last night I gave him a milk top-up at 7 because he wouldn't settle. He then refused any feed at 10.30 and I ended up feeding him at 3.30am. he was stiring, although not squalling for food and I decided to feed him as he oftens keeps stirring for ages when he's getting hungry (and keeps me awake!). he only had about 3oz and struggled with that, then had about 4oz at 7am.

Today he fed at 5.30 and went to sleep at 6.30. Should I wake him at 10.30 or not....?? WWYD? Can't decide!!

BiscuitStuffer Mon 10-Aug-09 19:50:07

Absolutely not.

Never wake a sleeping baby (unless for medical reasons)!!

He sounds like he's doing the usual waking thing but then trying to self-settle.

Rosieeo Mon 10-Aug-09 19:53:50

I'm with BiscuitStuffer. Leave him and see what happens. If it all goes wrong, it's only one night. You haven't got anything important on tomorrow, have you?

BiscuitStuffer Mon 10-Aug-09 19:58:31

I actually found that with both of mine, the later I could push the feed after bed time (ie the middle of the night feed), the fewer feeds they needed and the later they slept. If I introduced a 'dream feed' at 10 or 11ish, it didn't make the damndest bit of difference except get them in to the habit of waking then!

I would seriously suffer for a night and see how long you can push it for and put up with the wingeing and only feed him if he's screaming blue murder for it (and maybe see if a cuddle will do instead before offering milk). You might find the next night, that he wakes later and so on and suddenly you find that you have dropped that feed altogether.

babyignoramus Mon 10-Aug-09 22:00:26

Fair enough. We shall see what happens!

BiscuitStuffer Wed 12-Aug-09 13:35:56

what happened?

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