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bexaa Sun 09-Aug-09 21:26:48

Message withdrawn

StinkyFart Sun 09-Aug-09 21:31:32

pull the bedtime earlier, by ten minutes a day so that you end up putting him to bed at 7pm

No need to lose the nap, you might want to change the timing of it to earlier in the day to compensate

luckylady74 Sun 09-Aug-09 21:34:42

I would also look at if he's getting enough exercise, having a wind down time before bed and how long the nap is.
A 26mth old should probably still have a nap-most do of about an hour.

whomovedmychocolate Sun 09-Aug-09 21:35:23

If he's in bed and quiet I personally wouldn't worry about it. DD goes to bed between 7 and 8 and she quite often plays quietly for a half hour before sleep. As long as she's in bed I don't really mind.

What time's he up in the morning?

pigletmania Sun 09-Aug-09 23:37:31

I would not worry about in IMO really, my dd 2.5 goes to bed between 8.30-9 and does not fall asleep till 10pm, will chatter, cry until she just drops off. If i put her to bed earlier like 7pm, i can be expected to to woken at about 4am by dd ready to play and get up for the day which i am most certainly not. She normally awakes at between 7-7.30am. She does have an hour nap in the day, but still needs it as she gets quite tired and cranky if not and is too tired to eat her tea.

bexaa Sun 09-Aug-09 23:44:06

Message withdrawn

llareggub Sun 09-Aug-09 23:49:04

envy at 7am!

DS is a little older at 2.10 and I've found that he most definitely needs a lot of exercise to tire him out. We try and run him into the ground if we can, and to be honest he loves it. I find that the more he sleeps during the day, the better he sleeps at night.

I put him to bed at around 7.30 and he "reads" in bed for an hour or so. I hear him pottering around upstairs, he goes to the loo etc and eventually settles down on the bed.

He wakes up at 6am at the latest though, so if you like your lie-ins don't mess with the current situation!

moaningminniewhingesagain Sun 09-Aug-09 23:55:34

bexaa - DD is 28months and is the same. She sometimes naps, sometimes doesn't - no nap makes her a bit evil though. I really want my evenings back, but she doesn't get up til 7.30/8am (with occasional exceptions)and I could not cope with getting up at 6 everyday, or earlier, as I'm still up several times a night with my 7mo DS.

I can sometimes get her to settle by 9pm, thats an 'early' night, in bedroom by 8.15 ish, then looks at books, chats sings etc. Tonight she was chatting til 10pm but she had a long nap today and has been a bit off colour the last couple of days.

bruffin Mon 10-Aug-09 09:13:08

"26mth old should probably still have a nap-most do of about an hour."

My DD stopped her naps at 18 months and usually went to bed about 8.

shabster Mon 10-Aug-09 09:17:26

My DS4 didn't sleep through the night till he was 5 years old!!! Stopped sleeping during the day at about 1 year old. I was 41 when I had him and I looked like 'death warmed up' for years because I was sooooooooo tired! He used to say that sleep was boring hmm

ilovesprouts Mon 10-Aug-09 09:24:02

my ds goes to bed at 9pm ,he sounds like micheal flatley ,the other day i had to bring him down as he was having a tantrum from helL !!! and was playing downstairs untill 4.30 am shock but the next day he went at 9pm and he did the same so i just left him ,but kept checking on him and by 1am he was a sleep on the floor

ihavenewsockson Mon 10-Aug-09 09:30:23

DS is 20mths.
2 months ago he was having a three hour nap in the afternoon and sleeping 8pm til 8am.
He started staying up later & later.
We dropped the nap and now he gets up at 8am and goes to bed at 6:30pm. sleeps straight thru.
Sometimes has a nap of an hour or so- maybe once a week.

Gateau Mon 10-Aug-09 09:35:27

I'm glad someone posted this.
We have been having problems getting DS (nearly 28 months) to stay in his own bed, never mind to sleep before 10pm!! And we put him to bed generally between 8.15 and 8.30pm.
Have tried every method under the sun, including lying down with him until he sleeps, which we did for months. We realised just over a week ago that this has to be curbed now, partic as we have a new baby coming in just over two months AFter trialiing the 'softly softly' method of repeatedly putting him back in bed everytime he got up (up to about 50 times in one night shock) we have now devided that the 'hard'sad approach is the only way. So now, as soon as he gets out fo his bed we put him straight in his cot; leave him for a bit - then put him into his bed, he gets out, put him in his cot, leave him and so on and so forth.... Last night we only had to put him in his cot about six times before he got the message and stayed in bed - with DH sitting by the door. he fell asleep at 9.30pm, which is good for him. So we're continue with this approach in the hope that it works.
Sorry for tangential ramble, but this subject is prominent in my mind at the moment!

ilovesprouts Mon 10-Aug-09 09:38:21

i know how you feel gateau

Gateau Mon 10-Aug-09 09:45:19

Have you been experiencing similiar ilovesprouts? Please share!

ilovesprouts Mon 10-Aug-09 17:45:49

where can i start ........ hes 2.8 he has gdd hes a monster to get to bed at night he goes to bed at nine ,he has his bath ,supper ,cuddles etc ,but as soon as you put him to bed hes like the devil winkhe bangs on the floor whith his feet&fists ,he screems like a banshee !![god knows what the next door thinks ]blushi go up to sit whith him etc and hes all smiles ,but as soon as i got out of his bed room he starts ,the other morning i had to bring him down and he was up playing till 4 am ish and he still got up at 7.30 he may have 2 little naps in the day but not always hes got early entry to a sn school in sept ,so maybe it may tire him out hmm

etchasketch Mon 10-Aug-09 17:51:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

etchasketch Mon 10-Aug-09 17:52:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gateau Tue 11-Aug-09 08:58:58

But how do you cut the nap?
DS naps the two days he's in nursery (about an hour or so) and does the same when he's with me - always when we go out in the car.
Should I not take him out in the car then? But I still think he needs the nap otherwise he wouldn't do it.

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