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Bleeding after birth!! Not sure where to post this??

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shellmc Fri 07-Aug-09 07:26:36


Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place i just dont know where to post it.

I gave birth to my gorgeous little boy just over 9 weeks ago. Started back on the pill after 4 weeks of giving birth.

My DS was born on the 1st June and i bled quite heavy for the first 10-14 days passing 3 large clots, i spoke to midwife/healthvisitor who said this is normal, i wasnt sure as its my first baby!!!
I bled in total for just over 6 weeks and had just stopped when i went for my 6 weeks postnatal checkup. (Stopped on 14th July)

After 10 days of the bleeding stopping it started again on the 24th July lasting up till 2nd August could this have been a period?? It started red and then ended up stringey and brown. Sorry tmi!!!!!
I have also noticed that a few times during sex not always but it can be uncomfortable i wouldnt say painful but uncomfy. Yesterday after sex i bled a little bit too, but then stopped again by last night.
Is this normal???? Can anyone help as i am a bit worried.

Thankyou!! xxx

feedthegoat Fri 07-Aug-09 07:48:37

I bled for 16 weeks after ds was born. I did bleed very heavily straight after the birth too. I went on the pill during this time too but it still didn't settle down for a number of week.

It was only very light after the first 6 weeks or so but just kept going for so long. I kept mentioning it to the dr and he just said this happens to some people and as long as no sign of infection it is normal for some.

Sex was uncomfortable for sometime but I think was down to an episiotomy for me more than anything else!

Have a chat to your Dr if you are worried though, at least it will put your mind at rest.

shellmc Fri 07-Aug-09 10:39:20

thanks feedthegoat!!
good to hear that someone else bled for a while after birth!!!
It isnt heavy at all now but just the fact it is still coming and im still having to wear a pad.
I had a normal birth not cuts or tares just grazes. So dunno if thats the fact sex is uncomfy!!

morocco Fri 07-Aug-09 10:43:06

yucky question but does the blood smell 'off' like and infection or just like normal period type blood? tbh you're probably better off double checking with your gp if you're worried.
I had on and off bleeding but also with a low pain a bit like a dragging sensation - that was an infection caused by a bit of retained 'products' as they like to call them

shellmc Fri 07-Aug-09 21:08:28


yeh it does have a bit of a smell i know its horrid to say, not real bad but does abit!!!
It is just like you say on and off bleeding!!
How did they find out it was infection???
Urine sample or a swab or something??
Iv got an app next one i can get with female doc is on the 17th.
Thanks for the comment xxx

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