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HELP I am becoming a nervous mummy type

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sophybear Thu 06-Aug-09 13:47:47

Since my lovely 2 year old had a horrendous puking bug in May that lasted 4 days, that I subsequently got, I have been on a knifes edge waiting for her to be sick again....

argh - I am turning into a nervy type - and I detest it. I have been having tummy problems nearly every night, I get anxioius at her bedtime then can't eat my dinner or have to sit on the loo for ages.

I thought I was ill, but husband suggested it was psychological, and I think he may be right.

I am being cheery mommy to daughter, but she is pushing it all the time saying "my tummy hurts", "my leg hurts" which I know they do when they are 2 as it gets attention, but its working as she IS winding me up.

Anyone feel the same - how did you get over it? DON'T tell to relax - I know that!!!

thisisyesterday Thu 06-Aug-09 13:53:16

it's ok just relax just have more wine!

no really, in all honesty i wonder if it might be worth a trip to the GP? if you have a sympathetic one he can rule out anything that may be physically wrong and then perhaps s/he will have some suggestions for if it is psychological?

does it help at all to look at it in a very scientific-y way? she is 2. that is 730 days. out of those 730 days she has only ever been sick for 4 of them. that's a teeny tiny proportion!
and you knjmow what, even if she is sick again, does it matter? granted it isn';t very nice, but it happens to everyone and presumably she is fine after her last sickness?

do you have a sickness phobia? if so then again, a trip to the GP might be worth a thought?

myredcardigan Thu 06-Aug-09 13:59:53

I think you have a very mild form of PTSD which parents often get when a child has suffered a nasty accident or illness. You become irrationally worried for their health and safety thinking they're going to get ill or die if you leave them alone for more than a minute such as bedtime.

What you need to consider is that she is likely to get a nasty illness again at some point in her childhood. She may also have an accident. Remember that she got better. She had a nasty tummy bug and she recovered. Her immune system worked as it should and she got better just as you did. If she ever gets ill again she is far more likely to recover than not. Again, most accidents are minor.

It is perfectly natural to worry about her health. Just remember that whilst they are nasty at the time, they do get through them. Have faith in your insticts. If she ever seems really unwell, get her checked. If she takes ill in the night she is very likely to wake and cry. Just check her before you go to bed and if you're happy she's fine then try to relax.

Wait until she starts nursery/school; she'll have constant bugs. Remember, they all strengthen the immune system. smile

sophybear Fri 07-Aug-09 21:59:15

thank you for your thoughtful messages. i know she is ok really, it just seems to be me thats the problem!

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