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dilemma: travel cot / baby tubes

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annas1 Wed 05-Aug-09 23:37:08

My 2.5yo DS is still sleeping very happily in his cot. He has made no attempt to climb out of his cot so my feeling is why rock the boat and take the sides off his cot until I have to?!? I have had comments that he should be in a big bed and i am "babying" him but he loves his cot anmd is happy in there so I don't want to move him yet.

However, he is becoming a tight squeeze in his travel cot. Again he seems very happy in there but can now barely lie stretched out.

....So....I am weighing up my next options as we use the travel cot quite a lot, stays with grandma one night a week (thank you grandma!!), friends houses, trips to Devon..... I love the travel cot as I know he is safe and can't get out and wander around at Grandma's but will have to let him loose sometime!!

I like the look of the dream tubes - basically inflatable tubes that slot inside a special bottom sheet but they seem ridiculously expensive for such a simple solution.

Or maybe a ready bed would be a good option aarrgghh not sure what to do for the best.

mammalovesit Wed 05-Aug-09 23:44:32

Ready beds are fab!! My 2yr 1mnth old ds loves his cot, but when we go in the caravan his Thomas the Tank engine ready bed is great. It inflates quickly, has fairly deep soft sides, and the slleping bag is attached, so no rolling out! He can climb out of course! When we use it at my Mums we also take a travel safety gate, so we know he's confined within the room!!

bosch Wed 05-Aug-09 23:54:31

My ds's have stayed in cot til they were three-ish (fortunately none of them climbers). Ds3 is 3 in October so we're in that zone of wondering what to do for various summer holidays (cottage, hostel and tent!).

At new year, we couldn't get into our holiday cottage (with travel cot) for his afternoon sleep and he settled unbelievably easily in to a normal bed in neighbours (friends!). Should have taken the initiative then maybe to move him into bed permanently but too cautious!

Anyway, I know he can do it, so for this summer he will have mix of single bed with duvet running across him so I can tuck it in under the mattress, to help him stay in bed; and ready bed - highly recommend, he can't kick the sleeping bag bit off and I can throw another blanket/duvet on top if its a bit chilly. And they'll last until he's 6 - longer than you'll need the dream tube thing for.

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