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Pros and cons to DD going to a creche in Sept

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nicetomeetyou Wed 05-Aug-09 14:05:53

I have an 18mo and a 3 mo and I am undecided about a creche for 18 mo DD. I visited one this morning that has been recommended to me and it was nice and they have spaces for 2 mornings per week. We might move in the spring - nothing definite but DH wants another job and that would entail us moving. I don't want DD to go through a period of upset settling into a creche to then be moved within 6 months. However it would be good for me to have time with DD2 on my own and I am finding both of them all day 5 days a week tiring. DD1 is quite reserved with people/places she does not know - at the playgroup we go to (haven't been consistently for the last 4 months) she doesn;t rush in and play as the others do but stands watching everyone else. She lets the other children take toys from her and just looks at them. She is not talking however she understands a great deal. She has taken to the baby fine and though she wants a kiss whenever DD2 gets a kiss - particularly from dad, she shows no jealousy and does not appear to have been upset by DD 2 arrival but wonder if her going to a creche now would feel like being pushed out. It would only be for 3 hrs 2 mornings a week. Please any thoughts/experience?

nicetomeetyou Wed 05-Aug-09 14:26:22


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