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8.5 month old won't take solids...

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newmumof2 Wed 05-Aug-09 08:56:34

i've been trying to wean my 8.5 month old since he was 5.5 months old and he just will not open his mouth to take a spoon no matter what!! this morning at 7.30am after giving him water at 3am instead of a bottle i thought he'd be hungry (last milk 10pm last night) and tried him on some banana with weatabix but nooooo, ended up gumming on some toast and had 4oz of milk. in general i give him finger food to gum on a few times a day but he doesn't each much of it...

i have been to the docs twice, last time on friday where doctor (after waiting 2 hours) told me to chill out and to let baby tell me what he wants when he wants and to stop feeding him at night so he's more hungry in the day which is what i'm doing, he didn't once examine him and tbh i was a teary mess which was not good as i am just exhausted from the night feeds...

i used to manage to get 5 bottles of 7-8oz milk into him in a 24 hour period (including middle of night feed) but now thats gone down to 3 bottles in 24 hours and a few snacks of baby corn, toast, biscuits etc... which he takes a tiny bit of each!!

people keep telling me not to worry, but he was between 9-25 centile on friday (when he was still doing 4-5 bottles in 24hr) but now down to 3 bottles as i've been dropping the night one (giving water) and he's been less hungry...

i'm using aptimal hungrier baby, i'm going to try sma today....

if anyone out there has anything useful to share please do, i'm wearing very thin... seeing other babies of the same age much bigger is starting to get to me (i know i shouldnt) but comment from sister yesterday "he's really quite light" when holding him, really got me....

i know every baby is different as my first was a big baby always on the 97 centile.... i am angry at myself as i should know what to do to feed my baby but i don't and feel like a failure sad

please help, anyone?


Habbibu Wed 05-Aug-09 09:10:33

Poor you. I'm not sure hungry baby milk would help in this case - I could be wrong, but I think it just makes them feel full without adding extra calories.

I'd stick with finger food, if he'll at least try that, and refuses the spoon anyway. they can eat an extraordinary range of food with their hands (if you can stand the mess) - see for lots of ideas. Some babies do just take ages to get the hang of it, though - you're not alone.

MrsBadger Wed 05-Aug-09 09:24:11

hungry baby milk is the last thing to give a baby who's not eating enough - go back to whatever he had before.
And make sure any finger food is calorie-y - full-fat philadelphia on his toast, unsalted crisps etc as well as fruit and veg.

Some of them do take ages to get used to solids - dd (ebf so a bit different) went through a worrying phase at that age so where she'd cut down her milk but was still only playing with food.
At her 9m check she'd dropped off her weight curve (but was otherwise fine, alert, developing etc) and to my eyes was looking pale and, well, not skinny but not her former sturdy self.

Then at 12m we seemed to turn a corner, she started hoovering up anything and everything in sight, got her colour back and by the time I next weighed her at 13m she was back up to where she'd started.

They do do this fits-and-starts thing - it does pass!

LuluMaman Wed 05-Aug-09 09:30:10

stop giving water instead of milk, he needs every calorie he can get and he is not ready for no night feeds

offer finger foods and allow self feeding and as has been said, use foods that are dense in calories so even small amounts are worthwhile

hungrier baby milk is not the answer, he is clearly not a hungry baby

regular milk, no water and finger foods.. and allow him to set the pace

you are not a failure! some babies just don't take to solids and aren't big eaters

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