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sibling fights - going insane in holidays

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Mousie Tue 04-Aug-09 16:38:28

i have dd8 and dd6 - they have always fought but somehow this holiday it has reached a ridiculous pitch - they fight over who has the most crisps left in a packet- inches of drinks, it is just wall to wall tears and screaming. my dd has some special needs - she is very dyspraxic and i think v slightly on the autistic spectrum, though all tests suggest otherwise. my son is just very very angry all the time. we are totally exhausted parents under our own stresses, like everyone but this really feels that it is tearing us all apart - I just want to leave everyone. I can't see any happiness ahead as a family - my dd is so demanding, my son so full on and my husband and I just worn out and get no nice time together - we have some money issues so can't throw money at the situation sadly. we are in the system regarding getting a bit of help for our daughter, but nothing seems to help - she is frustrated and tearful all the time and seems to make family life hell for us all. sorry mid holiday download - the rain doesn't help! I just want to feel that it might get better along the line, not just steadily the same or worse...

Mousie Tue 04-Aug-09 17:08:48


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