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Martial arts

(17 Posts)
SoftFroggie Tue 24-May-05 14:08:14

That's martial, not marital...

I've always felt rather 'anti' martial arts for kids, on the anti-violence front. But a couple of threads here have suggested martial arts for self-control / discipline and for boosting physical confidence (in an anti-bullying way for small boys). Do people think they can be a good discipline to learn? If so, is there much difference between different types? What is a good age to start?

Lonelymum Tue 24-May-05 14:11:38

My boys did karate for a year and started when they were aged nearly 7 and 5. They are not aggressive boys, or sporty particularly, but they asked to start and did enjoy it for most of the year. Then, the levels started to get a bit harder and they gave up (like most children seem to at about the same level).

I would say karate is good for discipline and probably confidence. It is non aggressive and non contact if that helps.

karen01 Wed 25-May-05 08:13:46

SF- MY DD started Taekwondo when she was 5 she did this for 2 1/2 years and really enjoyed grading and sparing. (luight contact and fully padded -head hands and feet) It did teach her more about respect and discipline aswell. They are told that if the club heres that they have been using moves etc outside of club time (excepting basic self defense) then there licenses will be taken off them by the board. She had to give this up due to a move abroad. She is 8 1/2 now and does kick boxing, which she absolutley adores. They are not just about fighting, DD club teaches them basic safety aspects of live i.e how to prevent fires, what to do if they see one. to be warey of stranges , emergency details (999) basically re capping what us as parents teach them. Hers also runs an anti bullying scheme. The same thing goes though if they are caught or reported using there moves outside of class then there license is also revoked.

Both have taught dd self control, discipline and respect for other people to a better standard than alot of children her age have. She also enjoys doing kickboxing very mmuch and it keeps her very active. ( She even made the reserve squad for the Great Britain team in this years Kickboxing Olympics and World ChampionShips but she missed out by being a kilo over weight from the lowest catagorey and the instructer and I decided not to let her do the next catergory up as this weight went to 15kg more than what she is and we felt that this was not safe for her as a punch or kick from someone with that weight difference would really hurt.

I think as long as you monitor which martial art they are doing and have a good respectable club abd teacher and the children are having fun then I am more than happy for DD to carry this on until she wants it. It also makes me safe knowing that she will have very good self defense skills when she gets old enough to go out on her own further afield.

SOrry just rambling but I really want to get across that I think Martial Arts are good children (DS will do one when he is old enough)

batters Wed 25-May-05 08:58:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

batters Wed 25-May-05 08:58:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

binkie Wed 25-May-05 09:44:46

My ds does tae kwon do too - just 6, has been doing it since Sept. I have him do it as a sort of remedial thing, really - he's physically clumsy and (very very) scatty, and although I feel a little sad as the other children whizz through their belt tests and he stays in the beginners group month after month, it's quite heartening to see him actually be able to reproduce moves. It is not martial at all in our group - it's all about controlled precise movements, balance, developing body-sense. NB: very charismatic teacher, very important.

Suspect ds gets it from me - I've just started doing tai chi and I realise how dreadful my body-sense is - I can't for instance know where my arm is without looking!

singersgirl Wed 25-May-05 19:38:50

I've posted before about how good karate is for DS1 - he is another scatty, physically not particularly co-ordinated, distractible boy, and the discipline and respect (of self and of others) is great for him. DS's sensei was featured in an article in a local magazine last week and he talked about how karate, while good for all children, is particularly good for those who might not be naturally good at other sports. They may never get chosen for the school teams in other sports, but they can still progress through the belts in karate at their own rate, against themselves. DS is not a 'natural' at the moves, but it is great for his physical and emotional confidence (is there such a thing? There's also no physical contact in karate at the early belt stage.

KBear Wed 25-May-05 19:57:30

I'm glad there are so many positive points posted here. DD is 6 and going for a taster session at a taekwondo club on Saturday. I don't know much about it although so people on here have helped and I've also got DD a book from the library today on the history of it and what to expect etc.

SoftFroggie Wed 25-May-05 20:16:25

Everyone sounds so positive. We have kick-boxing locally (the ad says that instructor is S.A.F.E. - whatever that means?!). Not sure if there is any local karate or tae kwon do. However, I will shelve my totally basis-less misconceptions, and look into it more (kids too young at the moment).

Any more good stories? any particular types to avoid?

elastamum Wed 25-May-05 20:33:09

My eldest has been doing karate since he was five and now has his orange tag. It is very good for disipline, no messing about or contact allowed and he loves it. We started going because he saw some on the telly and nagged until he was old enough to go. DS2 cant wait to start. I think it has been good for confidence and self disipline. If anythin it teaches self control rather than violence

karen01 Wed 25-May-05 20:35:49

SF what part of the country are you in I will speak to DDs instructor and find out what the S.A.F.E means for you tommorroew night if you want. I knowthat the GB coach has a club in Crawley, but I am sure he has set up a national club which ensures that children are taught about anti bullying etc..

Louise1980 Wed 25-May-05 20:38:37

OMG yes!!!!

Im having loads of trouble with my 4yr old son. Read my please support me thread. He goes to Judo every friday and his behaviour does improve, Ive decided today to up his sessions to 2times a week and hop it makes lots of difference. As he's always good there he's been rewarded with his suit.

They also get grades for doing well and loose them if they misbehave, including usind their skills in the wrong way.

KBear Wed 25-May-05 21:28:12

To those who know about these things.... the outfit they wear for martial arts, is it the same whichever martial art they do or does Judo have one and Karate another etc? And does it have a name this suit?


vess Thu 26-May-05 20:44:50

They are different. For Judo it's made out of thicker fabric as it will be grabbed and pulled a lot. The design is not that different from a karate suit. Taekwondo suits are slightly different and are called 'dobok'. Kick-boxing uniforms tend to be the most colourfull and shiny and can vary from club to club.
Generally best to ask the instructor what they need to wear and where to get it.

KBear Thu 26-May-05 21:04:18

Thanks vess!

youngmama Thu 26-May-05 22:38:23

My son has been doing Judo since Sept-he is now 5.2 years old. He loves it,I think it does alot for self awareness,disapline and respect towards yourself and others.DS is actually quite talented at it,even though he is not that sporty.
I used to think that martial arts were not suitable for kids,but I have now definately changed my mind.
I think its especially important for girls,so I will be encouraging my girls to take part.DD1 is 3.3 and she has been begging to start (the class my ds is in,is for ages 3-8,though most are aged 5-8)i just think she is to little.I am thinking about starting her in Sept when she will be 3.7 but I am still uncertain about that.I would prefer her to wait until she was at least 4,preferably 4 and a half.

violaorigens Fri 06-Apr-18 20:04:55

Hi all,
I teach Capoeira in Hampshire and Dorset to children and adults
Personally I think it's the perfect mix between martial arts, acrobatics, dance and music (percussions and singing). Each practicioner, whether it's adults or child, will be attracted by one of these features and will be able to develop that in depth, as well as improving in the other areas, so it's a relatively complete discipline in my opinion. We do have annual grading too, but there are not set moves or skills like in karate/judo/kung fu. It's all more fluid and there are no scripts

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