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Help me stop my son swearing please

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timmette Mon 03-Aug-09 09:27:12

DS is 3 and lovely and very polite and well behaved, he doesn't hit or spit etc. But he has heard his father swear one too many times and has twice repeated it to me saying, "fucking hell mama", he just said it when he was angry at me about his trains. I don't swear and hate people swearing, but don't know how to tackle it because he has no clue what he is saying. I have told his Dad that he has to stop and he is trying but what do I do about ds in the mean time.
I could ignore it and just hope he forgets it.
Or do I tell him off and give him timeout - but would that draw attention to it.
I have told him the first time he said it that it's not nice etc.
But this time I was just in shock and did nothing.
Please help me I can't stand to hear these words from my baby.

piscesmoon Mon 03-Aug-09 22:20:51

You have to get your DP to stop-you can't tell a DC to 'do as I say'-you have to tell them to 'do as I do' IMO.
I don't think you can give him time out for copying, but don't just ignore either. I would stop him everytime but DP has to stop too. You could try giving him another word to use if he gets really angry.

timmette Tue 04-Aug-09 09:10:48

Thanks I have told him to stop and he has, well so far he is making a big effort.

piscesmoon Tue 04-Aug-09 19:27:21

If he stops it is much easier-you can just say 'we don't use that word in our family'. If he doesn't stop, your DS will most probably say 'but Daddy says it' and there is really no answer to that, or not one that a bright 3yr old can't pick holes in.

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