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Mummys Boy

(4 Posts)
GeorgeTheSlitheen Sun 02-Aug-09 17:21:19

Do Boys all love their Mummys to the detriment of their relationship with anyone else ?

I'm sat listening to my son crying at his Dad who's trying to feed him his tea, I've been in once but it felt like I was rubbing dfs nose in it a bit as ds was instant smiles.

He's 7 months but was born at 27 weeks, he's fully bf still and won't take a bottle.

I love being the centre if his world I truly do but it's knackering ! Dd never cared who's lap she was sat on, ds only has eyes for me.

Is it going to be like this till he gets married ?

Df is finding it hard. He feels excluded.

K999 Sun 02-Aug-09 17:23:12

My sister had the same problem, until her ds started walking and liked nothing better than a little bit rough and tumble with his dad! I am sure its just because you are the main feeder/comforter but it will change I'm sure! smile

GeorgeTheSlitheen Sun 02-Aug-09 17:36:38

Lol hopefully I'll probably moan about that the too !

HuffySpice Sun 02-Aug-09 18:21:14

In my experience, children switch allegience from parent to parent with heartless regularity!

My advice would be to enjoy being the centre of his world. This is a special time for you and he will not be this little, this cuddly or this reliant on you for long. A fully breastfed 7-month-old is just not going to feel the same way towards his daddy as he does towards his warm, lovely, milky mummy. It passes in a flash, and soon he will be demanding that Daddy reads his story, Daddy gets him out of his car seat, he wants to go with Daddy to the shop, and he doesn't want Daddy to go to work (sob wail cling).

Then, you can enjoy a little space, and enjoy the new relationshipo developing between dp and your little ds.

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