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I had my children close together, we had a v difficult baby and toddler time but I must admit, they are an absolute joy now. There is hope!

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foxinsocks Sat 01-Aug-09 20:26:35

I remember posting on here when mine were little. Dd had a hernia, several allergies, reflux, asthma and eczema. Ds was only a baby (14-15 months younger than dd) and had allergies and reflux and was admitted to hospital with a nasty chest infection. It seemed as though I would never have my head above the water and I realise that a lot of people had it a lot worse than me (that was almost the worst thing about hospital - feeling lucky that my children were only mild cases comparatively). And ds was a nightmare toddler and used to hit and scream and they thought he might have 'emotional difficulties' and that dd might be dyspraxic.

I am now sitting on the couch with an 8 (soon to be 9) yr old dd reading Malory Towers and a 7 (soon to be 8) yr old ds reading the Twits. And they are so lovely and cuddly.

Although we still have plenty of moments and health issues, it seems a LIFE time away from those days when they were poorly all the sodding time and screaming monstrous toddlers and babies!

Now when they are nightmare teenagers, please remind me of this time!

Cazwa Sat 01-Aug-09 21:04:40

Thats good to know, although I was hoping you were going to say they are 3 and 4! Mine are 1 and 2 and already I feel Im through the worst of it in terms of broken sleep and exhausting days. They play well together and am about to have their 2nd and 3rd birthdays in the coming months. Wouldnt have done it any other way, but didnt think it was such a good idea when I was pregnant with the 2nd, or the first 6 months!

foxinsocks Sat 01-Aug-09 21:09:32

yes, you are definitely through the worst of it!

Think 3 and 4 would have been better had we not had the concerns about ds's behaviour (even looking back, I can see that it was hideous!).

The good thing about 3 and 4 is that they both get nursery sessions so you start getting a bit of respite!

Also, from 3/4 even 2/3, they start really playing with each other brilliantly. One of the best things about having them close in age is that they like doing the same things.

Didn't realise what a boon this was till we met up with a friend with lots of different aged children and she was telling me what a pain it was finding an activity they could all go to together.

fledtoscotland Sat 01-Aug-09 23:26:20

thanks for the post. mine are 11months apart (11months and 22months) and some days just to get my head near the surface would be good as i feel i'm just bumping along the bottom.

tonight was one of those "worth it" moments as they were playing nicely together, no screaming/biting/hiting/moaning and i realised that my darling boys are going to be best friends forever (and thick as thieves in the meantime grin)

I must be mad but i'm desperate for #3 although think will wait a year to give my body and sanity time to catch up with my hormones.

lucykate Sat 01-Aug-09 23:31:05

me and one of my brothers are only 10.5 months apart in age. my mum says it was a lot easier than she thought it was going to be, luckily we were both good sleepers. if we'd been born at different times of the year, we would have been in the same year at school!

sweetkitty Sat 01-Aug-09 23:32:51

Mine are just turned 5 and nearly 4 and the first year was the hardest, now they are best friends and play so well together it actually makes my job easier as they are such good complany for each other

Fledtoscotland - I am mad as I have a 1yo as well now and am thinking about no4

fledtoscotland Sat 01-Aug-09 23:38:05

sweetkitty - #4! definitely mad. DH has said that #3 is the last as he wants a nights sleep sometime in the next 5 yrs

Chunkamatic Sat 01-Aug-09 23:39:44

I'm going to have to go and post on that other thread about what daft things make you cry - because this has!

How lovely foxinsoxs, makes me see a rosy future for my DS and his unborn sibling.... smile

Chunkamatic Sat 01-Aug-09 23:41:06

Oops sorry I mean foxinsocks.. see I cant even read properly through the tears!!

foxinsocks Mon 03-Aug-09 11:45:46

aah thanks chunk

lol at you lot with 4 or 3 considering 4 wink

one of my younger sisters has 4 and you cannot meet happier little souls! I don't know how she does it tbh, I'm in awe of her mothering and organisational skills.

Think they are now 7, 5, 2.5 and 15 months.

Having said that, I love visiting houses with big families like that. I love the organised chaos feeling about them grin (I am one of 3 but for several years had our cousins with us so was then 1 of 5).

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