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what do you do??

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shellmc Fri 31-Jul-09 20:40:45

Hiya ladies,

I have another thread going about my 8 week old son with colic.

But just wondering what all you other mums tend to do through night. as a new mum im not sure if im doing the right thing or not, what im saying is when my LO goes down to sleep usually between 7.30-8.30pm i then waken him usuallly being around 10pm-11pm as he has his feeds every 4 hours. W hen i finally get him back over, he usually wakes up about 2am at first i tended to get him out and feed him altho he didnt always take the feed maybe a few sucks and thats it.
Do you think it is best to try and get him back over to sleep rather than feed him???
Or if i do that will he only wake in another hour for his feed?? If he is due a feed should i always give him it???? Whats the best thing to do???
I dont mind getting up with my DS i love everymin with him and most of the time i spend just staring at him making sure he is okay.

Any opinions would be great.
Thankyou xx

Greatfun Fri 31-Jul-09 21:02:04

You sound like a great mum. I have 2 DCS (£ and 16 months) and I never did routine feeding. It was all on demand so I suppose I would have only fed when they woke up for it rather than waking them. If you think he can go a bit longer without feeding I would encourage that as he is maybe starting to extend times between feeds, thats until he has a growth spurt and starts feeding more often of course. So to answer your question I would probably just try and get him back to sleep and personally I woudl do this by leaving him a bit to see if he settles rather than comforting him. He may only sleep for 10 mins more but over time that could up to a 6 hour stretch of sleep for you! Not sure if you are using a dummy but my first DD was very sucky. As in she kept waking and would take a few sucks of milk and then sleep again or would wake very soon after feeding for comfort and more feeding. I found a dummy very useful for this. Interestingly I bought some dummies when our DS came along and he just wasn't a sucky baby so never used them.

becktay Fri 31-Jul-09 21:02:34

hello, it's a mine field isn't it! you could try not feeding him, it's worth a go. for what it's worth ds1 used to get a feed between 10-11pm but ds2 (12 weeks) just woke up every few hours when i tried that with him. he sleeps for longer if i just leave him alone. it just took one night of me forgetting to do it to find that out. also they go through so many phases, just when you think you've got it sussed out it all changes.

i reckon you should go with your gut feeling. first borns are at the receiving end of the steep learning curve that is being a new parent, but we all muddle through some how. sounds like you are doing great and noticing your baby's cues /trying to do your best by him etc.

ps; i would never personally feed in the night unless he was def asking as you can set up some habitual waking for feeding and i really love my sleep grin.

Greatfun Fri 31-Jul-09 21:02:44

That was meant o say 3 and 16 months! My DCs do not have any monetary value attached to them. wink

shellmc Sun 02-Aug-09 16:48:51


Thanks for your opinions!!

Last night was great
DS had a bath at 7.30 had his feed at 7.45 went over to sleep at 8.30 he started stirring at around 10.30 so knowing his feed is usually around 10.45 i got the bottle ready, he only took 3oz out ov it and fell back over to sleep...................till 6.10 this morning!!!
Waheyyy great i feel soo much better for them extra hours sleep LOL.
I am thinking along the lines of what you have said GREATFUN and BECKTAY and maybe try leaving him if he is asleep just to see how long he does go. Im trying now not to feed through night unless of course i knew he really did need it last night he did stir a wee bit about 4ish but i gave him his dummy back and he went back ova like i said till 6.10.
Like you becktay i love my sleep too LOL. I guess it is just a matter of finding out what works best for you and your LO.
Thankyou soo much for your advice and opinions xxxxxx

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