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Which foods (if any) made your bf LO's colic worse?

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Beccabump Thu 30-Jul-09 21:51:03

I have a three and a half week old DS who has just started to be colicky in the evenings (about 7/8pm to 11pm).

I am giving infacol and breaking regularly to burp (which he does) but his wind seems to get trapped much lower and rattles around in his belly before he can get rid of it (by either end!). My DD was exactly the same and her colic went on till she was about 14 weeks.

I have had various people suggest cutting down/out onions and garlic from my diet, which I have. I am also cutting out lemonade as of tonight. I do not drink fresh fruit juice as it made my DD very bad and I am avoiding citrus/acidic foods as well as highly spiced things.

Did anyone else find other foods that affected their LO's badly?


moondog Thu 30-Jul-09 21:54:04

Didn't find anything had any effect.

One thing that did seem to work [read about it in NCT handbook] was a little bit of sugary water in a bottle. It seems that sugar helps body release endorphins or summat.

Mind you, at that stage, I would have twisted my own nipples off and replaced them with tiny gold taps if someone had told me it might help

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