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Holiday clubs

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loubylou66 Thu 30-Jul-09 08:37:28

DS1 is 6 1/2 and intermittently attends an after school club when I am working and cannot do school pickup. As a rule he enjoys it and we have no major issues. For the first time he will have to attend same club during the school holidays but obviously for the whole day. On Friday they are taking all the children for a day out to Harewood house nr Leeds. Not sure of ratio of adults to kids but blurb says it's at the most 1:5, usually less. We live in Bolton so it will be a long day out although ironically I know area well as I grew up around there. Really don't know what to do...DS has been on school trips and beaver outings but this seems different, partly because it's so much further away. Kids will be wearing hi viz tabards and wristbands etc and ds is generally cautious/sensible but harewood hse is so big, especially adventure playground area..Any advice would be welcomed ! Thanks Louise

staylucky Thu 30-Jul-09 09:54:19

Hi louise, what is it you are worried about?

I'm sure he'll really enjoy the day out and it being a bit further afield can only make it more exciting!

Leeds folk rock!

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