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newborn nose is cold to the touch??????should I be worried

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mcfly79 Wed 29-Jul-09 05:10:00

Hello,is anyone else still up at this time???????
My DD is 36hrs old and otherwise seems fine(she finally sleeping)but her nose feels really cold to the touch,face is a little cold.I have her in a long sleeved babygro,scratch mitts and in a sleeping/grobag type thing,have also put a blanket over her and a beanie type hat on but she still seems cold(to touch only she is'nt shivering or anything!!!)

Anyone know if this could be a serious symtom?midwife visiting this morning should I wait and speak to her or phone nhs24???


PrincessToadstool Wed 29-Jul-09 06:36:25

Oh congratulations on your dd, how lovely :-)

I think you are supposed to feel their tummy or back for temp but do phone the labour ward if you are worried.

MmeLindt Wed 29-Jul-09 06:38:12

Congratulations on the birth of your DD. Are you still up?

I seem to remember that my DD always had a cold nose.

A good way to check if your baby is warm enough is to feel the nape of her neck.

Have a chat with your midwife to put your mind at rest.

And I am afraid that you are going to be worried about a lot in the coming months and years. It seems to be a side effect of being a mummy.

seeker Wed 29-Jul-09 06:55:36

I think it's a sign that it needs to be kissed to warm it up!

Seriously, if the back of her neck and tummy feel nice and comfotably warm she's fine. My dd had freezing hands whatever I did for ages.

BertieBotts Wed 29-Jul-09 11:57:05

Oh bless you As other posters have said, best way to check their temperature is to feel their tummy or back of their neck. Anything less than warm is too cold, anything sweaty is too hot. Don't worry too much about cold hands, feet, noses

Hope the midwife has been and put your mind at rest. Congratulations! <Hands tissues - day 3 is tough but it's temporary>

mcfly79 Thu 30-Jul-09 11:31:07

Thank you so much all of you(sorry I dissapeared!!!!)

midwife and doc said same check nape of neck and if thats cosy all is well!!!!!

if I'm not worrying she's too hot I'm worrying she's too cold,as MmeLindt says it's a side affect of being a Mummy

Thanks again

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