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Just wondering how many bottles everyone elses babies are on or were on at 7 months?

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jemimah Mon 23-May-05 12:14:15

My son is 7 months and I am trying to cut his bottles down like the health visitor told me! I have done this but its very hard and the least I can give him is 3 (1 less than he was on before!) He is going through a major screaming phase and I am tearing my hair out! Arrgh!

Frizbe Mon 23-May-05 12:17:16

Why did the HV tell you to cut them down? Dd used to have 4 at this age I think, one morning, one lunch, one tea n one sleeptime one (whilst asleep) about 10pm, also being fed solids as well at this time.

Frizbe Mon 23-May-05 12:17:17

Why did the HV tell you to cut them down? Dd used to have 4 at this age I think, one morning, one lunch, one tea n one sleeptime one (whilst asleep) about 10pm, also being fed solids as well at this time.

Frizbe Mon 23-May-05 12:17:35

sorry about the double post!

jemimah Mon 23-May-05 12:22:37

I was told it should be finger food and less bottles! Mine prefers to try to eat the plate than pick up the food!! Hes on lumpy food, three meals a day and I've managed to cut him down to breakfast bottle, mid-morning bottle and teatime bottle. I tried cutting his mid-morning bottle and he just wanted to eat the same amount as he would for lunch to make up for it. Hes teething too so I think I really shouldn't have been told to start this!!! I don't want to upset him, I feel a very guilty mother!!

anchovies Mon 23-May-05 12:23:02

ds still had 4 at that age as well. We only cut down when he wasn't really interested in the lunchtime one and then swapped to 3, breakfast, mid afternoon and bedtime. Is the hv bothered about the amount he has or is the number of bottles the problem?

Kelly1978 Mon 23-May-05 12:24:36

I really dont think that 3 bottles a day for a 7mo is too much, I'm surprised your hv said this. If that is what your ds wants, I would give it to him. Mine had abt 4 at that age, early mornign, mid morning, mid afternoon and bed. They stayed like that for quite a while until they were eating big enough meals not to need them.

jemimah Mon 23-May-05 12:36:12

I don't know why she said it really as its not really a prob for me or him. He always as about 15 hours sleep at night and that means he goes to bed after his tea. We didn't try to do this, he just was tired after his tea and then just slept through. He goes down so early and I hate telling people this cos I feel like I'm going to be told I'm a bad mum for putting him down straight after his tea. Its just something I can't help. Hes a baby that likes a lot of sleep. His weight is going on perfectly, not too much and he is a very happy baby (as a rule!) and I am always being told he is absolutely fine. He still has 2 or 3 naps in the day, if he doesn't go for a nap he is miserable.

CoveredInDribble Mon 23-May-05 12:51:36

Our ds is 7.5 months and having 4-5 bottles a day (bout 7-9 oz each!). He has 3 meals of lumpy solids a day, and usually finishes his bottles, though if he's eaten well at lunch, he doesn't always have much of his lunch bottle. I would ignore the HV and do what feels right for your ds - our ds has always been a hungry baby, and if he's hungry we feed him - we can't force him to get used to finger food faster, so we're just taking each day as it comes and gradually he seems to be reducing the amount of milk he wants by himself, as he's eating more solids - who am I to tell him he's not really hungry!? I was told not to reduce his milk intake yet anyway - always seem to get conflicting views from different HVs don't we?

crazy Mon 23-May-05 12:54:36

3 bottles is right for a 7 month old they should be having 18floz-20floz of milk a day inc of yoghurts etc 7/8floz breakfast and bedtime and 5/6floz mid afternoon. The only reason you would cut it down is if your ds was not eating his meals then you would reduce the bottle feeds but not cut them out, just give the former amount rather than the latter.


Chuffed Mon 23-May-05 13:15:47

dd had 2 bottles (5oz each) and 2x bf at this age and now at almost 14mths has 4 5oz cups a day of formula. She eats really well. She has milk after her breakfast, (8am) then for morning tea with a cookie or fruit at about 10.30ish, lunch at 12 with water then milk at about 3.30pm with afternoon tea and then has dinner about 6.30, bath then milk at about 7pm.
Do what you feel is right - you are the MUM and are with him for 24/7 so you know him best.

jemimah Mon 23-May-05 13:28:28

After hearing all your views I think I will just carry on as I am. I'll probably still cut out his lunchtime bottle as he isn't too bothered about that one, providing hes not got too stroppy as he'll then refuse food until a bottle. But I know hes happy on at least 3 bottles and hes healthy, so I'll just keep on as I am. Thank you for the advice, no one knows better than other mothers!x

bibiboo Mon 23-May-05 14:30:28

my 7mo dd has a bottle (6oz) every 3 hours and 3 meals a day, usually porridge, a light lunch and a tea. She seems happy with that and simply won't take more than 7oz of milk at a time, or any more food. She likes little and often. hth

karen01 Wed 25-May-05 08:00:02

jemimah- my ds will be 1 next month and he is still on 3-4 9oz bottles per day with food. He has only just started to eat his finger foods properly now (not using them as toys) I will continue this until he decides that he wants to cut out a milk (bottle or cup).

beansprout Wed 25-May-05 08:04:34

Ds is 7m and didn't want any food until about 10 days ago. He is still on early stages of mush. I try twice a day but sometimes he will only eat once. The rest is b/milk so am not sure how many ozs he is getting but until a year they get most of their nutrition from milk anyway so I'm in no rush to phase it out!

Windermere Wed 25-May-05 08:16:50

3 is fine, my DS was on 3 until 9/12 months old. Gina Ford weaning book recommends 3 at 7 months.

imation Wed 25-May-05 08:21:46

Around 4, sometimes it were 5... i replaced one meal by 8 months. Didn't listen a lot to HV:-) after she said that yourgurt can be given at 4 months

hotmama Wed 25-May-05 08:29:50

My dd is 71/2 months. I give her 20oz milk a day - plus any yogurt etc but she doesn't have these additions everyday.

The bottles that I give are not equal - I give 6oz at breakfast, 5oz at mid-afternoon and 9oz at bedtime. I was finding if I gave larger milk feeds during the day she wasn't hungry for food - this seems to be working at the moment and she does seem to be hungry for food at mealtimes. Until a few weeks ago, I was giving more milk as dd would not have any water - she has now started (at long last) so I feel more comfortable cutting down her milk feeds.

LOL at the HV re finger foods. My dd just gags so I am progressing very slowly with this! HTH

jemimah Wed 25-May-05 09:15:34

I spoke to s different health visitor yesterday and she said what I was doing was tight, so 2 fingers to the other health visitor! I tried him on the little rice cakes the other day as finger food and he didn't like it and threw up so I am going at his speed, somedays he'll try something different somedays he just likes his normal comforts. I just don't understand out of the 5 health visitors at my family centre all of them can tell you different things! I had this problem with midwives after I had my son and I got so confused.

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