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scared of thunder - good, fun childrens books to overcome this fear???

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Louloumum Mon 27-Jul-09 13:35:08

My daughter (3 yrs old) is refusing to go to playgroup next term. She's been really happy there, no tears, not even a 'I don't want to go..' until it thundered badly when they were playing outside once, followed by a downpour - first experience of this and 'on her own'. Now, she's scared of thunder and associates it with playgroup so no longer wants to go. Any tips on how to overcome this/ fun childrens books that might make light of thunder????

Clowance Mon 27-Jul-09 16:17:41

I don't know of any books but how about next time it thunders and you're with her start making up funny and crazy stories about what the noise could be e.g a big cat pulling a chair across the floor so it can reach the fridge and get the cream (lame example but i hope you get the idea grin)
Try and get her to come up with her own ideas and make sure you laugh about how funny they are.

Of course explain in very simple terms what the noise really is and thats it's not going to harm her.

Now you just need it to thunder again grin

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