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Anyobdy else's dc got a brace at 8 years old I am fretting about it

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adizem Mon 27-Jul-09 11:21:43

My ds who is 8 had a brace fitted at the weekend on his bottom teeth.
The reason for this is that his top teeth are touching his bottom teeth instead of coming over them.
There is a possibility that the top teeth pressing on the bottom will loosen his bottom teeth and he could lose them.
There was a choice of having a brace fitted on his top teeth to bring them forward or one on the bootm to take them back.
I opted for the bottom one as I thought that having one on the top would make them too prominent.
However he is not getting along with it won,t keep it in to eat, keeps taking it in and out and popping it in and out with his tongue.
Also he has to keep it in when he goes to bed and I took it out after the first night as I clearly saw him push it out with his tongue making me worry that he could choke on it, and I have been to scared to make him wear it at night since.
I have phoned the dentist up this morning but they have said he needs to presevere with it.
I did ask them if it should be as loose so that he can push it out with his tongue in his sleep and they simply said he needs to get used to it so that he doesn,t keep fiddling with it but said to give it until thursday and if we are still having problems then to come back.
What are you experinces of children braces how tight are they supposed to be.
My dh said that when he we younger and he had a brace there was no way he could remove it with his tongeu he said that he would really have to force it out.
ANybody else's dc had a brace with similar problems

lljkk Mon 27-Jul-09 11:51:27

DS had one when he was 8.
He had anterior cross-bite (bottom tooth in front of top teeth).
He got on so well with it that he only had to wear it 24/7 for 6 weeks instead of the expected 6 months. After that he wore it just at night for a month and then he was entirely done with it.
I let him pop it out for eating, Orthadontist said that was fine. I don't see how he could have choked on it, they're 8yo boys, after all, not toddlers.

DS had a top brace, maybe that would solve your DS tongue problem?
We kept it as tight as DS could comfortably handle, so we ended up tightening it a little more often than originally expected, that's why he wore it such a short period.

It's a long summer holiday so your DS could be done with it by the end of the hols, if he could find a way to wear it comfortably, just as often as he can manage.

Sadly, the Orthadontist expects to have a long-term relationship with DS, but we'll worry about that as things develop.

psychomum5 Mon 27-Jul-09 12:08:11

my DS1 has one, his was fitted when he was 8 (well, he has a plate-brace rather than the 'train-track' type at the moment), and he is getting on really well with it (has had it now for just over 3mths).

his is needed as he has one top tooth normal, and the other is behind his bottom teeth so tis like a scissor effect, and is causing the bottom teeth to wobble even tho they are his adult teeth.

the treatment is working really well...........both teeth are now forward, and he is on the 'keeping the tooth in place' part of treatment.

he will be going into the 'train-track' type braces once more of his adult teeth are thru tho as from xrays he has some impaction going on and teeth will need removing to fit everything in, and then the remaining teeth spaced properly. his orthodontist reckons he will need 5yrs work altogether.

oh, DS also has to wear his night and day, no choking probs, even tho he pushes on it with his tongue, and sucks on it too (has a small problem with that actually......keeps sucking it off his teeth<<argh>>)

adizem Mon 27-Jul-09 12:11:09

he is supposed to wear it for 3 months and can only take it off for sports and cleaning.
I really don,t want him to have a top brace.
I have told ds what the dentist has said and to be fair to him he hasn,t messed with it this morning.

morningsuncanslay Mon 27-Jul-09 12:16:00

no help sorry but awaiting orthodontist appt for top teeth biting behind lower teeth too,in ds,7.

my dd had a night time retainer as part of her treatment and was ok with it.

maybe it is a bit loose?

lljkk Mon 27-Jul-09 12:18:10

It takes a week or longer for them to get used to it. Just wearing it most of the time is success at this age, imo. I'm very impressed if your DS will wear it while eating; I didn't want DS to get a negative attitude about it so I was prepared to be quite flexible. I think that strategy worked well for us. DS took it out for the whole of noon-playtime at school, since both eating and (potentially) sports were involved.

lljkk Mon 27-Jul-09 12:18:52

Oh, and I think wearing at night IS very important, just make sure they clean teeth well beforehand.

SoupDragon Mon 27-Jul-09 12:26:11

Both DSs have had braces from 8 & 7. They're now 10 & 8. It's a struggle, especially the popping it in and out. From experience, having the top brace won't solve the popping it in and out though! They both had top and bottom braces (although now they have one which fits both at the same time)

He can't choke on it though and if he doesn't wear it all the time then it won't work and it is a waste of time.

DSs braces are both to sort out over crowding and, in DS1's case, reverse thumb sucking damage. In their case it will mean they won't need any adult extractions or train track braces when they are older.

It's tough but worth it.

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