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First time mum, 8 week old baby suffering with COLIC help!!

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shellmc Sun 26-Jul-09 20:57:17

Hello ladies,

I had my gorge wee boy on 1st june, he will be 8 weeks old tomorrow, i am totally besotted by him, he has brought soo much joy to me and my hubby.

He has been a happy wee chappy no bother at all, he has had trouble since he was born trying to bring up his wind and soo wev been using infacol. The past week or soo he has been really unsettled and crying which just isnt like him at all, spoke to health visitor and she says its a touch ov colic.

Im just wondering if anyone has gone through this with their babys and how long does it last, i feel usless that i cant help him and me and hubby are worn out, we are using gripe water now at everyfeed 2, aswell as infacol and also as hv suggested giving him cooled boiled water between feeds too, we try sitting him upright and spend ages trying to get his wind up.
I hope it will pass soon he seems to be in soo much pain.

Thanks any help apriciated.

luv shell xxx

frecklyspeckly Sun 26-Jul-09 21:28:20

congrats on your little boy!!

The colic stage is probably more horrible for you and your husband than for the little one. I remember my health visitor saying they tend to cry a lot because they associate the tummy pain with hunger so it is more of a demanding cry because they think they need feeding rather than they are in agony, if you see what i mean.

I know from when it was my first baby and he had colic it was horrible to try not get all the churning feelings of panic when they cry for hours. I used to dread 4pm because i knew i had six hours of screaming to look forward too! I think you get to a point you have to just accept it is a very hard stage but one thing i can promise is it does stop, mine both settled more by 12 weeks, hang on, there is nothing more you can do except cuddles and patting, and try and enjoy the time he is not crying as much as possible!!

When you have tried everything 10 mins out sitting away (even outside) with cup of tea can really help you cope if baby is safe in cot.
Hang on in there you will all survive as my dad said you won't die of tiredness, even though sometimes you feel like it!

And mine are 6 and 4 now - both were colicky!!

CyradisTheSeer Sun 26-Jul-09 23:25:21

Message withdrawn

llareggub Sun 26-Jul-09 23:30:02

Baby massage worked well for us. There are usually classes at the Childrens Centre. I found rubbing the tummy gently helps, together with the cycling the legs trick someone else mentioned. You aren't doing anything wrong, I promise!

browny Sun 26-Jul-09 23:40:14

Hi, congratulations on the birth of your lovely little boy. I know how hard it is to see your little one so upset, I used Infacol for my eldest daughter (she's 13 now), I think helped her a little and the colic stopped miraculously at 12 weeks.

Anyway, my youngest is 8 months old now and was prescribed COLIEF INFANT DROPS, you add the drops to your babies milk, or on a teaspoon if you are breastfeeding. They work by breaking down the lactose in the baby's milk making it more easily digestible.

The drops are around £10.00 from a chemist, but you can get it free on prescription. If you have trouble getting it, I have a bottle that is still sealed and you can have it for free.

I hope your little one settles soon smile.

browny Sun 26-Jul-09 23:50:13

Oh, just seen this, maybe it would help:

nappyaddict Mon 27-Jul-09 01:02:34

Have you tried Dentinox colic drops?

Lusi Mon 27-Jul-09 01:55:06

I'd recommend baby massage as well ...
DD1 had terrible colic...tried everything - including the weird things like a steamy room or boiling mustard water - nothing worked - infacol definitely didn't.
DD2 much less - just fed her constantly and that worked quite well wink but if she did have a whinge the tummy rub and pushing her legs into her tummy did seem to work - have a word with you HV...(also got her bowels moving when she hadn't pooed for days...)
And remember it will pass and if it gets too much do walk away and have a breather... and don't feel guilty about it...there is only so much you can do and keep your sanity..

cupcake78 Mon 27-Jul-09 11:40:27

I lived throught the colic stage as well! At the time I thought I would never end but like everything a baby goes through it did end and another phase replaced it.

Have you tried a warm bath (for him, yours comes at bedtime/when dh gets home wink). I tried everything! and some days something worked but the next day it didn't. The warmth of the bath did seem to calm my ds down and if it didn't work then it was cot for him, glass of wine for me.

Other thing that works is baby massage or just rubbing baby's tummy with a warm hand clockwise.

Your doing all you can, it will come to an end, usually about 12weeks so not long to go now. Good luck

bottletopbill Mon 27-Jul-09 13:18:09

My friend has bought something called Coleif or Coleaf from Boots its one up from Infacol abit pricey she says but definately does the trick

shellmc Mon 27-Jul-09 16:15:22

Hello ladies,

Ohhh thankyou sooo much for all your advice and lovley comments, they av really helped me feel alot better.

We had a real bad day and night with him last night, just couldnt settle him at all, he was totally shatterd this morning, i f=gave him a bath which relaxed him and then had his feed i spent around 45 mins getting his wind up after his 11 oclock feed.

I have been and bought sum dentinox today soo we will see how he goes. I really do hope it will help if not im at HV tomorrow soo ill speak to her.
I think i will look into the the bottle ov coleif from the chemist it will be worth it if it helps him itl be worth it.

Me and hubby had a hard day yesterday and had to take it in turns soo we wer both having a spell off, hubbys at work today and soo im up at my mams at the min soo at least i can get a bit of help.
He doesnt seem as bad today fingers crossed.

Thankyou all. xxxxxxx

nappyaddict Tue 28-Jul-09 00:37:20


do what CTS says and give a double dose of infacol or dentinox, then feed half the bottle and burp him and give the other half and burp again. Leave it for 10 minutes and give the maximum dose of gripe water, wait 5 mins and burp again.

Let us know if it works

roxy12 Tue 28-Jul-09 13:37:22

Dr browns bottles ver good for colicky babys the bottles are specially designed for colic.

you can buy them in mothercare.

They do help

good luck

minxofmancunia Tue 28-Jul-09 14:03:31

Congratulations on the birth of your little boy!

I know how hard it is, dd screamed from 2pm until 10.00pm every day for weeks, it's hard graft. Things that worked for us were the colief, (infacol ineffective) and dh carrying her stomach down on his forearm.

Also she loved being in her little tummy tub bath, keeps them upright rather than laying back, google tummy tub and you'll see what I mean, she loved it!

Baby yoga and massage also great and I took her to a chiropractor too which helped although it could have been just coincidence.

Finally a word of home, it does get better, it does pass and dd changed remarkably in temoerament and ease (for the better) when she was weaned, she just seemed to prefer food more to milk alone.

best of luck, let us know how you get on xx

DawnAS Tue 28-Jul-09 15:43:58

Hi there,

Apologies that I haven't had time to read all of these posts and someone may well have already offered this advice, but my sister has a 12 week old DS. I think his colic is easing now as I've heard that it can miraculously disappear at 12 weeks, but she used an anti-colic dummy when he had it really badly, which the GP recommended. That, coupled with infacol and gripe water seemed to do the trick.

She's now weaning him off of the dummy without any problems at all.

Good luck!!


shellmc Tue 28-Jul-09 15:55:47

Hiya nappyaddict,

Iv been giving him the infacol since yesterday and he seems not as bad, he is still crying mostly in the mornings tho!! I didnt know you could give a double dose ov it, i have been putting it into his feed.

I will try the gripe water and leaving him for 10 mins after his feed then give him gripe water and leave him for 5 and see how it goes.

Thanks roxy for the advice on the bottles.

Minxofmancunia, he loves the bath and we bathed him last night and he seemed to relax more, i will take alook at the tummy tub sounds fun LOL x

We have found it hard i spoke to HV today and shes given me lots of advice and told me to ring her if we need anything which was nice of her. She has also reassured me like many of you's that it will pass, i cant wait its soo horrid to see your little one sooo upset. It makes it harder wen you cant seem to settle them. He was due his immunisations today but couldnt have them as he had high temp HV says she thinks he has had a wee virus which wont have helped.
He is asleep at the min and soo iv grabbed a few mins to mysel to come on here and have a cuppa :-)

Thankx DawnAs the dummys sound great im going to have alook on the net and have a look at all these things people have suggested to me.

Thanks again to you all xxxx I will let you know how i get on xx

JJsandcat Tue 28-Jul-09 17:06:19

Congrats on your LO!! I dunno if it's been said before but mine used to settle really well when I felt them in the Tiger in the Trees position, arm horizontal in front of your tum, baby's tummy on it, face down, head slightly higher than feet and other arm for support.

It does go away, it really does. x

JJsandcat Tue 28-Jul-09 17:07:16

Btw, the infacol should be given BEFORE the feed.

Claire236 Tue 28-Jul-09 17:38:50

Another Colief fan here. It was the only thing which worked when ds had colic.

nappyaddict Wed 29-Jul-09 01:55:57

shellmc no give the infacol/dentinox before the feed rather than actually mixed in with the milk.

Munchkin bottles are meant to be good for colic and cheaper than Dr Brown's.

Billy2Rivers Wed 29-Jul-09 10:18:02

We used ear defenders to help keep us sane - while our baby was really screaming it helped us keep calm and it's easier to hold them close and more tenderly when they aren't breaking your eardrum. We found we could put up with a lot more of the screaming that you know is just going to continue. Also putting our baby on her tummy helped, and my partner in particular spent a lot of time rubbing her tummy and resting her on her tummy on his thigh or arm to put pressure on the tummy. It's not forever - for us it pretty much stopped at about 3 months, so hold on in there

Montifer Wed 29-Jul-09 12:17:10

It's tough isn't it and as Billy says, not forever.
I second the tummy pressure approach, worked better than Infacol for us. Think DS spent most of his 1st 4 months on his tummy over a forearm. Also used to let him settle to sleep on his front and then flip him over when he was asleep.

DisasterZone Thu 30-Jul-09 15:17:28

Just by co-incidence have been reading about the Tummy tub via another thread where mums were discussing whether or not they bathed their babies daily.

It's supposed to be good for colic,

I managed to nearly choke my DD with infacol at the colic stage, must have dripped it into her wind pipe. She went blue and I was about to start CPR but she coughed and was OK. Was the most stressful moment of the whole newborn experience. She turned 4 yesterday and colic is one of the many things I can now barely remember from the dim and distant past! I never used any of those drops again, as up to that point had found it very tricky to administer prior to BF when she was screaming and already upset enough.. but good luck! One day your DS will be 4 too!

Sheeta Thu 30-Jul-09 15:26:16

I read on another thread about putting brown sugar in cooled boiled water and feeding it in a bottle after a milk feed.. can't remember who suggested it, but apparently it really worked.

Yes, Infacol before the feed, and burp half way through (if they stop long enough!)
It's Colief that needs to be put in the milk (think you have to pre-make the bottles though, so not sure that's a good idea??)

My DS always paused about halfway and it took me a while to realise he needed winding.

What bottles do you use?

Sheeta Thu 30-Jul-09 15:36:59

here, about the 5th post, from ABetaDad.

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