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My 9 month old shouts a lot

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Billy2Rivers Fri 24-Jul-09 10:20:50

She shouts at me when I change her, when she's eating, etc. and even at other children so that they end up crying. This is really getting to me... should I ignore her or ask her to be quiet? Ignoring doesn't seem to have worked so far. Maybe something else? I've always managed to be quite calm until now but my eardrums hurt and I'm beginning to raise my voice to be heard over it - I can see that this is completely unhelpful and ridiculous so please help! Do you think she might stop on her own? I just wondered if anyone else had this problem and had found a way of dealing with it. I understand that she has to find her voice but I'm really not enjoying this phase. Any help gratefully received. Thanks.

noraledger Fri 24-Jul-09 13:41:15

Hi, my dd used to do this. I was told by the HV that she will grow out of it and she did. It was explained to me that it is the only way that the child can be heard and express themselves. It should be just a phase. My dd stopped after about 6 weeks.

Good luckxx

Billy2Rivers Sat 25-Jul-09 09:28:02

Thanks. I hoped it was something they just do and not something she's doing because of my negligence! I will be counting down the weeks

PrincessToadstool Sat 25-Jul-09 09:29:21

She will stop, she is just finding her voice and practicing. My DS used to randomly just shriek at the highest pitch he could manage. It passes

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